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Music is something that keeps your mind fresh, makes you active, rejuvenates your soul and provides you with motivation and encouragement to move on in life. It is there in so many forms and genres, but there is one thing common among all forms – it vitalizes human body and mind! Activities like Big Music Fest are focused on promoting such music for the better development of human mind as well as providing them entertainment that they deserve.

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About Big Music Fest

This year, the Big Music Fest will be organized in Central Ontario, Canada at Bobcaygeon, a community that is located in the City of Kawartha Lakes on Trent-Severn Waterway. It was initially a village, and was named in association with the lake and Kawarthas, and its name Bobcaygeon is said to come from words from local languages that mean something like ‘at the very shallow currents’, ‘at the cliffed cascades,’ ‘at currented rocky narrows’ or ‘beautiful hedged farmland’. It was incorporated in Canada in late 1800s, and has ever since been a hub of artistic activities. Selection of Bobcaygeon as the venue for the Big Music Fest was done because of its beautiful sceneries, wide open farmlands, healthy environment and receptive and welcoming nature of local population, having a taste for good music. All these factors are likely to make it a successful and enjoyable experience.
The idea of rock music festivals has been there for so many decades now. There have been other similar shows being organized by many radio stations and other companies that serve the purpose of promotion of a specific genre of music, or for commercial reasons. The Big Music Fest is primarily concerned about the rock music, rock bands and artists that have an established place in this industry. Among the prominent artists and bands that would be performing at this event are included The Tragically Hip, The Trews, Sam Roberts Band and Miss Emily. All these musicians are loved by public and enjoy great popularity in the music industry. It is because of the immense popularity and fame these artists enjoy that tickets for many of the shows in this event have already been sold out.
For the convenience of visitors, management of the show arranges for shuttle bus service from the venue to downtown Bobcaygeon. There are special arrangements to ensure safety and security of the participants as well as the celebrities. For this purpose, organizers issue an official Do’s and Don’ts list, that prohibits carrying weapons and firearms within premises of the venue, animals and outside food items are also discouraged. They also encourage participants to bring their raingear, sunglasses, hats and other stuff to prevent excessive sun exposure. Instructions for smokers are clear that they should bring an empty plastic bag where they can collect cigarette butts instead of throwing them here and there. Similarly, other participants are also advised to be environment friendly, and keep the venue and surroundings clean.
With so many talented and popular bands performing at the same place, Big Music Fest tickets bring you a prized opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite artists rock the stage and give you an experience that surely feels out of this world. The ambience at the show makes any music lover feel the ecstasy and delight that is felt rarely at other ordinary events. So pack your bags and hurry up! Before it’s too late and all show tickets are sold out!

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