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Big Easy Blues Fest is a musical event celebrating the bluesy music genre for the fifth time, starring Millie Jackson, Sir Charles Jones, Mel Waiters, Clarence Carta, Jeff Floyd and Tucka. The Blues Festival is the music event of the year that has been very well preformed five times earlier, delivering the hottest, most thrilling performances that rocked a large crowd of R&B, Southern and Blues fans. Just like they did before, Big Easy Blues Fest tickets have become the most popular talk of town this season.

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Big Easy Blues Fest
has previously taken much interest and is keen to present Sir Charles Jones, the brilliant American singer who has been much associated with contemporary blues and the heart of all Southern Soul tracks. He has been widely recognized for his broad range of vocal ability and intriguingly versatile style that has earned him the king’s crown. His much coveted distinctly developed style incorporates in his many cries of joy, pain, happiness, the smooth melodic tunes and harmonically balanced rhythms from fusion to jazz and blues to gospel. He has received critical acclaim in the form of awards from the American Blues Network in the category of Best Album of the Year in 2002 and 2003, and as the international entertainer of the year 2001-04. Sir Jones has also won twice the prized B.B. King Achievement Award in 2003 and 2004. His famous albums include Love Machine, Thank You for Holdin’ On, My Story, Southern Soul Party and Sir Charles Jones. Getting those Blues Festival tickets is a wise choice for all those who want to experience the intense melodies sung live by the classic artist.
Another gorgeous star performing at Big Easy Blues Fest that makes those Blues Fest tickets so enticing is Mille Jackson, the famous American R&B song writer and singer who also happens to bring much humor to her live concerts. Many fans are just fond of just because of her talents for spontaneously spinning comedic little anecdotes while in performance. The artist’s vocal performance is characteristically distinguished by the humorous and rather explicit long simple talk sessions in her music, which initially began on stage with the aim of getting the audience’s attention. Millie has also popularly recorded tracks that were sung in the specific dance and disco style. Some of her singles are typically country influenced and rise in long melodies characteristic of the genre. She has sold three significant certified gold albums that have been noted by the RIAA for selling over five hundred thousand copies. The epitome of success, Millie has now established her own record label called Weird Wreckuds, and has her own exciting radio show in Texas. Some of her most famous songs include Love Is a Dangerous Game, Act of War (which she appeared in alongside Elton John), and Sometimes
Big Easy Blues Fest will be presenting in the midst of R&B, soul and blues driven show, an extraordinary musician who is truly passionate and dedicated to his music; Clarence Carter. The visionary musician is well known as a blues singer and has managed to release quite a few records, and to perform several amazing live shows despite the fact that he is blind. He has been making remarkably outstanding music since 1968, all the way till now. Some of his hottest, recent albums include One More Hit, Messin’ With My Mind and The Final Stroke.
Hot new musical acts like the hip Tucka, Jeff Floyd and Mel Waiters will be delivering an energetic performance at Big Easy Blues Fest. Tucka is the hip hop and rap loving, Atlanta based soul singer who has gathered much popularity with his trendy, upbeat tracks One Night Stand, Girl I Need U, You’re my Baby, Super Woman, ,Young Man, Work It Out and Money. Jeff Floyd is a very seriously talented Blues performer who has released hit songs with Wilbe Records, such as Do You Wanna, Where Do You Go, That Body, Lock My Door and Planning My Weekend. Mel Waiters is also into creating Blues and Soul styled music and is known as the King of Parties, he has recorded several exciting, dance friendly tunes such as Swing Out, Got My Whiskey and Hole In The Wall. These stars are known to gather much momentum in their live actions and get the crowd moving and shaking till dawn. So get hold of those Blues Fest Theater tickets and prepare yourself for one of a kind bluesy show that will truly capture the very essence of the musical genre.

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