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Beat Bash 8 is the eighth party the Rhythmic Contemporary radio station KBBT is throwing in San Antonio to celebrate an evening of the greatest R&B and hip hop music. The event will be featuring the most exciting acts, which it has chosen to keep surprise and will only announce a few days earlier. The KBBT radio station that operates at 98.5 MHz is popularly called ‘The Beat 98.5’, based in San Antonio, Texas where it is owned by Univision. Its well-recognized host of original air staff includes Danny B, Valencia Mathews, Dionna in la manana, Xavier Garcia, Romeo Lady K, Rude Dogg and Danny B. The station’s current air staff comprises of Biggie Paul, Dana Cortez, Robbie Rob, Hamm, Homie Marco and Ms. Jeans. Its sister stations include KROM, KGSX, KXTN and KCOR-AM for radio, and KWEX and KNIC for television. The Beat goes with the slogan ‘number one for R&B and Hip Hop’, playing the most recent tunes from a a list of top twenty songs. Several artists to have been on the list include Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B, Dev, Justin Bieber, Kirko Bangz, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Usher, and Young Jeezy, among various others. The station is reputed to give the most thrilling bashes to its fans, making Beat Bash 8 tickets quite a sought-after treat among hip hop fans from all over Texas.

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Originally, KBBT, which is now bury preparing for Beat Bash 8, was launched in 1980 as a country outlet under station name KBOP-FM with a different frequency of 98.3, and was licensed to Plesanton, Texas.  The station changed its call letters in 1993 to KBUC while keeping its Country format the same. By 1998, further changes were on their way when broadcasting television network Univision was looking for a unique, non-Spanish speaking Hispanic audience, which would be inclined strongly towards the contemporary while being under the influence of present day trends. The network purchased the then KBUC, and right away applied for change to Schertz with reference to a city of license, while also requesting that the frequency be switched to 98.5 in order to cover the entire San Antonio Metropolitan region. They were given approval by the start of April 2000.
Univision launched KBBT officially in September 2000, with the radio station being their first ever formatted non-Spanish outlet in the area of San Antonio, with the exception of Tejano bilingual-speaking sister station KXTN, and KLTO, which is an active rock top forty. The station instantly shot up to being the number one as reflected in ratings and has since been at that position. Since the start, the musical formula of KBBT, which was arranged under J.D.Gonzalez, its first program director, has centered on R&B/Hip Hop hits that were really tailor made for the San Antonio audience, particularly its extensive combination of females, teens, young adults as well as Hispanic bilingual audience. This same formula has been something of a catalyst in the finishing up of the initial KTFM that later changed to KPWT/KCJZ.  Yet another defunct station by call sing KSJL-FM, also played R& B and hip hop under an urban contemporary format all through the nineties just before it switching its frequencies in 1998. It then adapted an adult-inclined direction under the title of KSJL-AM.
The station continues to revise its various musical aspects in and 2010, took on Rhythmic pop tracks while continuing to run its R&B/hip hop formula in a parallel. Its main competition is with KXXM, which poses as a CHR/Top 40 rival, and the new version of KTFM. The station threw its first Beat Bash in 2005 and has since continued to invite fans to live the hip hop performance, held annually, every summer. Beat Bash 8 is one hip hop, R&B musical night with the perfect party ambiance you do not want to miss, so make sure to grab some cheap Beat Bash 8 tickets now, jazz it up, and be there to rock it out with friends.

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