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For the ones who are looking for some outstanding live entertainment this year, Augusta Blues Festival tickets is their answer. This wonderful musical festival is coming to rock your world this season. It is packed with entertainment and fun for the music enthusiasts. No matter if you are into music or if you just want to have a good time, Augusta Blues Festival can be the best event for you. Augusta Blues Festival tickets are now available and if you want to avail some cheap ones, you must act fast!

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About Augusta Blues Festival

A show such as Augusta Blues Festival can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. This is because music has universal appeal. It is ageless. Particularly an event such as Augusta Blues Festival which is nothing less than a celebration of melody can be a great source of entertainment for all. At this extravaganza you will get to see various blues music icons live. They will perform right in front of you and make you indulge in pure melody. 

Blues music basically started in African-American communities during the 19th century. This type of music has specific lyrics and instruments. Also, it has distinctive bass lines. Blues music has several subcategories like country, urban blues, Delta and Piedmont blues. Also, Jump and Chicago blues is very popular type of blues. Blues-rock is another popular kind of this genre of music. At Augusta Blues Festival you will be able to listen to music sensations such as The Klass Band, Mel Waiters and Sir Charles Jones. Also, Latimore, and Clarence Carter will entertain you at this show. All these celebrities are great entertainers. As they take on the stage, they make the crowd enjoy beyond their expectations. 

The Klass Band will provide you with soul and funk music. They are particularly known for their great stage performances. Nelson Curry, Wayne Bowman, Derrick Thomas… all the members of the band know well how to entertain you. Mel Waiters has R&B to offer you at Augusta Blues Festival. You will get to listen to his great works like Suki-Suk Man and Material Things. He has won the Jackson Music Award and is well recognized for his great vocals. Sir Charles Jones is the master of jazz, fusion and blues. This award winning music sensation will also be present at this extravaganza to make you tap your feet to his beat. The line up of the event also includes Latimore who will entertain you with his great numbers like “If You Were My Woman”, and "Let's Straighten It Out". Another blues singer you will get to listen to at Augusta Blues Festival is Clarence Carter. "Slip Away", "Too Weak to Fight," and “Patches” include some of his great numbers. This award winning music icon that was blind since birth will also allow you to have the time of your life with his greatest hits at this show.

Those who want to enjoy this hot upcoming event in an affordable way can get Cheap Augusta Blues Festival tickets. Since the show is extremely popular, the music enthusiasts from all around are already in hunt for the tickets. So if you do not want to be unlucky you will have to act fast and get Augusta Blues Festival tickets. This extravaganza is all about back to back entertainment. You will get to see several artists in the price of a single ticket which is one of the greatest benefits of shows like this. Also, availing Cheap Augusta Blues Festival tickets will help you to enjoy this wonderful event without spending much. So what more can you dream of! As Augusta Blues Festival has something for all, do not forget to invite your family and friends to this show which is one of the hottest events of this season. 

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Q:Can you please tell me about blues singer latimore coming to augusta?

A:You can look through the page of Augusta Blues Festival Tickets as all the details of the event are mentioned there.

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