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America’s highly celebrated country musician Willie Nelson continues his amazing journey of producing chart breaking music and delivering rocking live performances. One of the most significant faces of outlaw country, Willie achieved commercial and critical success with his albums ‘Stardust’, ‘Red Headed Stranger’ and ‘Shotgun Willie’. The artist has also authored several books and worked in more than thirty films. With over sixty studio albums released, Willie has sold more than forty million units around the globe. Get cheap Willie Nelson Goldendale tickets to catch the country star as he celebrates his latest release ‘Let’s Face the Music and Dance’.

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Born during the great depression, Willie started playing music by the age of ten. He marked his debut in country music with his 1962 album ‘And Then I Wrote’. However, Willie’s breakthrough album ‘Red Headed Stranger’ was released after almost a decade in 1975. The album topped US Top Country Album chart and was certified two times platinum in US and gold in Canada. In 1978, Willie’s studio album ‘Stardust’ topped the Canadian and the US country charts, and was certified four times platinum in New Zealand, five times platinum in the US and seven times platinum in Australia.
Willie’s hits like ‘Crazy’, ‘Pretty Paper’ and ‘Hello Walls’ have become country music anthems. The eighty-year old artist continues to rock concert halls and venues with electrifying performances. All fans can experience the magical aura of Willie live by availing Willie Nelson Goldendale tickets.