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Critically acclaimed and widely admired Southern Rock and Country Music legends, Willie Nelson and Charles Daniels have joined hands to perform in a concert. Both the stars have their unique persona and stage presence which translates into an immense crowd. After touring worldwide, these legendary artists bring their enchanting hits to a single stage at Meadowbrook. Book Willie Nelson & Charlie Daniels band tickets from our website to attend a classy musical extravaganza.

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About Willie Nelson Charlie Daniels Band

Critically and commercially acknowledged for his remarkable work in Country and Southern Rock, Charles Daniel is an iconic musician, vocalist and songwriter. His exceptional contribution to bluegrass, country and rock has earned him many accolades and recognitions. With a music career that spans over more than 40 years, Daniel has released 52 albums. He is one of the very few artists who have shaped the modern Rock and Roll Southern Rock with their original and heart touching beats.  Daniel’s music borrows influences from genres like electric rock, folk and country fiddle that amalgamate to form a distinguishing fusion.
His first breakthrough was the album “Honey in the Rock” which released in 1973. After that, classic 1975 hits like “South’s Gonna Do It” and “Long Haired Country Boy” from the album “Fire on the Mountain” marked a new era in the American Music. Fire on the Mountain scored Double Platinum status and boosted Daniel’s image among his fans and critics. During the summer of 1979, he released the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” under Epic Records which elevated Daniel’s position to the highest level in the industry. The song won him a Grammy, three CMA Awards, topped pop and country charts and set new records of Triple Platinum sales.
One of the major reasons of his unmatchable connection with his followers was the emblematical music with influences from the lives of Southern working class. Along with this symbolic impression, his personal lifestyle, values and attire deeply impersonated a Southern-West individualistic ‘cowboy’. Due to this unique mixture, Charlie Daniel has been successful in winning the hearts of many fans and opinion leaders. His most recent album “Land That I Love” came out in 2011 and he continues to make meaningful music and go on international tours even at the age of 76.
As a tremendous musician songwriter and occasional actor, Willie Nelson has profoundly impacted progressive country and country rock genre.  His music is influenced by various styles and forms like Jazz, Folk, Blues, Cowboy Songs that mixed together to create a new style of his own. Above all, his soothing, behind-the-beat vocals added to his unique taste and earned him a strong cult following. His music has been a source of inspiration for new country artists and so he continues to enjoy love and support of his listeners. He has released more than a hundred studio, live and compilation albums in more than fifty years of his music career, which are even liked by those who usually avoid country music.
Nelson met with the infiltrating success with the release of “The Read Headed Stranger” in 1975 and became the new sensation in Outlaw Country. Following such a defining success, came another hit in the year of 1982 in the form of the album “Always on My Mind”. It topped the US Country charts and witnessed Platinum sales. For years to come, Nelson kept working at a steady rate and released at least one studio or compiling album every year. He was introduced to Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993, but he was already regarded as a living legend. With the release of his most recent album “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” the artist is successfully performing nationwide and touring different destinations over the world.
Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniel are all set to form a fantastic duo that is sure to entertain a huge crowd. Both the artists have their respective fans that will double the excitement while attending to Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniel Band concert at a single venue. Our website offers different packages at amazingly affordable prices for those who long to be a part of such a splendid event. You can buy cheap Willie Nelson & Charlie Daniel Band tickets to be a part of the exciting crowd. Hurry up and grab tickets to have some musical moments with your loved ones.

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