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Purchase William Clark Green Austin tickets to see the country star live in concert. With the lyrics that provide a gateway to his personal life, William has made it big as a singer/songwriter. His writing ability came to the fore in his early teens. At fourteen he opened for The Dragliners in College Station. At the beginning of his career he may have been under the radar playing at churches and local shows. It was later that he got a chance to showcase his skills at Texas Tech where he proved his mettle on Monday nights then making it big through the Thursday-night shows.

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Today he is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after singers in Texas. With a number of albums to his credit, William Clark Green has delivered hits such as Catch Me When I Fall, Sweet Amy, Tonight and Misunderstood. The singer owes Josh Abbott big time as he helped him get noticed at The Blue Light, Lubbock. Thus giving a much needed boost to his career. Later William formed a band followed by his debut album titled Dangerous Man. The 2008’s release had a combination of country, Americana, folk and rock music. Nothing to Lose, Gypsy, Outcast, Down with the Wine and Can’t Let Go being some of the tracks from the album. To watch the rising star perform live get cheap William Clark Green Austin tickets.