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The iconic acoustic punk, alternative rock band from the 80’s is back on tour. With smash hits like “Blister in the Sun”, “Kiss Off” and “Add It Up”; the band captured the hearts of countless music fans. Having sold millions of records worldwide, Violent Femmes is considered one of the most successful alternative rock bands in the country.

About Violent Femmes Tickets


Formed in 1981, Violent Femmes started off as a street band in Milwaukee. Influenced by the music of The Velvet Underground, the Blue Caps and Gene Vincent, the band aimed at becoming the top acoustic punk act on the music scene. After an initial rejection for an audition at a night club, the band persevered, and very soon was invited to play in New York City for Richard Hell. This earned them their first break and Violent Femmes got a rave review in the New York Times.


Eventually they landed a record deal with Slash Records and produced their debut album Violent Femmes. The album proved to be a huge hit and led to extensive worldwide touring for the band. The album was eventually certified platinum, becoming the first and only album in Billboard chart history to achieve that status eight years after its release.


The band’s raw, jittery sound and exploration of adolescent themes struck a chord with young listeners. After the release of their first album, the band’s music became a mainstay at clubs, theaters and festivals in over twenty countries worldwide.


Violent Femmes originally consisted of three members with Gordon Gano as lead vocalist and guitarist. The other two members were Victor DeLorenzo on drums and Brian Ritchie as bassist. DeLorenzo split from the band to embark on a solo career and was replaced by Guy Hoffman. The band’s current lineup consists of Gano, Ritchie and the talented new drummer from Dresden Dolls, Brian Viglione. Despite their history of breakups, the band is still going strong, pumping out amazing music.


The band’s unique lyrical perspective has influenced several later musicians. Their lyrics often explore spiritual themes like death, sin and redemption as well as adolescent themes of love and yearning for affection. They expertly combine genres like acoustic punk, folk and rock in their music.


Violent Femmes has an impressive legacy, and has been cited as an influence by artists such as Nirvana, The Smiths, Keith Urban and Pink, among others. The band is also credited with the inspiration behind MTV’s hit show, “Unplugged”, though they have never appeared on the show. At Violent Femmes concerts it’s not uncommon to see the crowd singing to the lyrics of the band’s classic numbers. A live Violent Femmes concert is an experience of its own, with the overflow of tremendous energy the band creates through its powerful music.


Though they have been active for more than three decades, the band’s popularity has hardly dimmed. Violent Femmes tickets still sell like hot cakes among acoustic punk and alternative rock fans. In its set list, the band typically includes almost all songs from its hit debut album as well as other classic hits. Beside the debut album songs the band’s top hits include “Children of The Revolution”, “Country Death Song” and “American Music”.


A Violent Femme concert can be an electrifying experience. The band keeps the audience entertained with its commanding stage presence and unique music. At Violent Femmes concert, audiences will be taking a trip down memory lane as they listen to the band’s classic hits. The band’s more recent numbers are also a treat to listen to. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Violent Femmes live as they tour across the country. Get cheap Violent Femmes tickets and relive the best moments from the 80’s rock music era.