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Exploding onto the indie folk music scene in 2013 is the prodigious youngster from Australia, Vance Joy. He is a gifted songwriter who pens catchy songs with heartfelt lyrics and his hits have made him a sensation in the world of music.

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“Riptide” continues to make waves

Still riding the wave of success of his mega-hit, double-platinum single “Riptide,” Vance Joy has become an emerging star worth keeping an eye on. The insanely catchy hit continues to charm audiences worldwide, winning him a devoted fan base in the process. In 2015, Joy took home the Grand Prize at the International Songwriting Competition for penning the hit.

A Swift pal

A fresh new voice on the indie pop horizon, Vance Joy has made great strides in the industry. What could be better than jump-starting his career by opening for pop juggernaut, Taylor Swift, as she wows audiences on her 1989 World Tour. It has given Vance an opportunity to tap into an already built wide fan base that is definitely going to do wonders for his rising career.

Vance Joy Toronto tickets are likely to be in demand as he sets out on tour. People who appreciate good music will enjoy the entertaining live performances of this charming singer-songwriter who seems destined for stardom.


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