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Uncle Lucius is an indie-rock band belonging to Austin, Texas. The band was formed in early 2000s and has since then gained a lot of recognition in its respective genre. It consists of four members, all of them equally passionate about southern rock music and sturdy outfits. Kevin Galloway founded Lucius in 2002 when he left his job as a banker and shifted to Austin. He bought a guitar and started learning it by listening to random songs and picking up tunes. Since he was surrounded by the sounds of southern rock, he quickly fell in love with the genre and started performing at open-mic events long before the idea of a band formed in his mind. If you want to attend a concert by the Lucius band, grab cheap Uncle Lucius tickets deals now.

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Uncle Lucius

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Uncle Lucius Gruene Hall New Braunfels Saturday
11/4/2017 9:00 PM

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About Uncle Lucius

Kevin met his future fellow band member, bassist and lyricist Hal Vorpahl through a friend who knew that both of the artists were in pursuit of the sublime. Vorpahl’s love for music developed when he was very young and listened to the records of Willie Nelson with his father. While he was growing up he got a chance to learn piano. Although the piano didn’t speak to his soul much, the thing that dragged him to Austin was the mysticism of the musical scene within the town. Once he moved there, he quickly discovered his love for bass guitar and soon mastered it.
The band Uncle Lucius started to take a skeletal form when Mike Carpenter came across the two southern music lovers. Carpenter had been songwriting since he was in his early teens and like the other two moved to Austin in search of music. He was deeply inspired by famous acts such as Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix. In Austin he decided to play for different bands. Before he joined Uncle Lucius, he had already been a part of two indie rock bands of Texas. He says when he met Kevin and heard him singing, it didn’t take him long to decide that he wanted to play with this very band.
The earlier songs recorded by Uncle Lucius were a mixture of rock and roll, country and blues. With a proper band now ready to perform, the band started to play music at random Austin clubs such as Atone’s, Threadgill’s and Saxon Pub. In 2009, when they were on the verge of releasing “Pick Your Head” their lead drummer left the band. It was then that Josh was introduced to the scene. He came in and totally did justice to the post, because of which the band members decided to make him a part of the band permanently.
In August of 2012 Uncle Lucius released “And You Are Me” their latest studio album. The eleven tracks included in the record are inspired by Black Crowes and The Doors, bringing back some of the finest memories of the genre in question. A blend of new blues, R&B and rock n roll, this album is a treat for all those who are inspired by music of 80s. The band also released their very first music video of the song “Pocket Full of Misery” the same year. It aired over the video outlets.
Uncle Lucius has been on tour in promotion of the album since the month it was released. It is a three year long tour which will take the band all around the continent. The songs included in the lineup are from their latest and previous albums. The band is famous for the energetic live performances they present. If you are a southern blues and indie rock music fan, you should attend their upcoming concert. In order to do that, secure Uncle Lucius tickets at discounted rates now.

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