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Catch the country music duo, the Swon Brothers as they join Carrie Underwood’s ‘Storyteller Tour’ in 2016. Watch the newly-famed ensemble as they open for Carrie at selected venues, among which is a show at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth.

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About The Swon Brothers Duluth Tickets

The Swon Brothers’ History

The Swon Brothers is an Oklahoma-based country music act consisting of brothers, Zach Swon and Colton Swon. Aged 27 and 30, respectively the brothers began performing publicly before they even hit their teens. They often toured alongside their parents as part of the gospel band, ‘Exodus.’ Before officially naming themselves, the Swon Brothers in 2000, they also performed in a family variety show named ‘Westwood Music Show’, created by their parents.

Career Beginnings

In 2007, after several years of performing and composing, Zach and Colton decided to try their luck in ‘American Idol,’ the reality singing competition. Appearing in the show’s 7th season the Swon Brothers reached the top 48, before being eliminated. ‘American Idol’ helped the country duo achieve local fame as they made several television appearances. They also recorded and released an album, ‘Another Day’ independently in 2009.

The Swon Brothers in Duluth

In 2013, the Swon Brothers decided to audition for ‘The Voice.’ They made it through the blind auditions and were taken on by Coach Blake Shelton. Their performances on the show, helped the brothers establish a fan base as well as score a recording contract by Arista Nashville. Finishing in 3rd place, the Swon Brothers immediately began working on their debut studio album, which they released in October, 2014. Listen to hits from the number 6 (US) charting record. Get the Swon Brothers Duluth tickets.

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