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Music is meant to touch the heart and souls of those who exhibit a passion for it. A duo like The Judds will fulfill your heart’s desire to experience a kind of music that would make you forget the constraints of time.

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About The Judds

The Judds is an American based country music duo. The duo was based on a mother daughter relationship as its members included Naomi Judd and her daughter named Wynonna Judd. This duo came into existence in the year 1983. At that time they produced music under the label of RCA Records. At that time they released six albums in a period of eight years. This duo became an instant hit and broke many records and made new ones that were hard to break in the comings years. Their performance includes one of the best ever in country music. Due to their outstanding performances they have won many prestigious awards including Grammy and Country Music Association awards. They were able to win five Grammy awards for being the Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal along with eight other awards.
Noami Judd was born in the year 1949 in Kentucky. Passion for music can be traced back to the very early years of her life as she started playing the piano from a very small age. Initially she played for the church and this talent once given an opportunity to showcase its self, it did what it was meant to do.  When she was seventeen years old she decided to marry Michael Ciminella and have birth to their daughter Wynonna Judd.
The Judds not only won awards but also topped the charts all around the world. Their music gave them the kind of recognition which they always longed for. Their songs earned many positions on various music charts in a period of seventeen years. In the year 1991 one of the member of the couple i.e. Noami Judd developed Hepatitis C. Her inability too perform due to her failing health came as a huge hurdle in their journey towards making a history in the music industry. After some time Wyonna Judd starting giving solo performances. The Judds have been working together on other projects since the year 2010.
After being absent form the music scene for sometime mother and daughter decided to start showing the world what they had for them and in order to do so they did some reunion shows. They started off by doing a commercial for a mart called Kmart. During this advertisement they performed the song Changing For the Better . In the year 1998 they also performed in various shows and their talent once again took them to the pinnacle of glory as they were able to earn a nomination for being the Best Duo of the Year in 2001 in Academy of Country Music. In the year 2008 The Judds once again performed together in the Stagecoach Festival that was held in the city of California. This show took place in Canada at the Calgary Stampede. After a year i.e. 2009 they gave a performance in CMA Music Festival which was organized in Nashville. In the year 2010 this duo decided to perform on their new song I Will Stand By You which was released under the label of i-Tunes. In the year 2011 they signed a contract with the Curb Records and under their guidance released an album titled I Will Stand by You: The Essential Collection.
The Judds Tickets will allow you to witness the performance of this legendary duo who promises an evening like no other.

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