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The Civil Wars is composed of Joy Williams and John Paul White, both being singer-songwriters. The duo travels without any backup band; it’s just them with their guitars and a piano.

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About The Civil Wars

Their first exposure on a national level was when their single “Poison & Wine” was played on popular television series “Grey’s Anatomy” episode. Although, the song was played just for a few seconds, the listeners were so keen on finding more about it that the song was searched on the internet and has till date, about 400,000 views on “YouTube” Another breakthrough for the band was when Taylor Swift tweeted about Poison & Wine as being her favorite duet. The band provides a free download facility of their album “Live at Eddies Attic” which has been downloaded over 200,000 times.
The history of The Civil Wars began in 2008, when Joy and Paul met at a music studio in Nashville, Tennessee. They call it a “strictly professional blind date”. Among 20 writers that were present in the room at that time, Joy and Paul confessed to have felt a musical “spark” rising between them. When Charlie Peacock a Grammy Award winner producer heard them singing at French Quarter Café, Nashville, he started recording the duo at his Art House Studio. Their EP consisting of 4 songs, “Poison & Wine” was released digitally and has ranked as the “Best of 2010” album by iTunes. The band has also been named among “Best of What Next” in Paste Magazine.
The Civil War’s album “The Barton Hollow” was released in February 2011. It became the most downloaded album on iTunes in its very first week. Year 2011 has by far proved as a very successful and progressive year for the band. In February they appeared on “All Things Considered”. In April they made it to the VH1 and CMT and received support from both of the networks. Their video “The Barton Hollow” was also nominated for “Duo Video of the Year” category for CMT Awards the same month.
In May they were chosen by Adele to open her tour, later on she highly praised them on her website by remarking that they are the “best” live bands she has ever come across. Steven Tyler of ‘Aerosmith’ became a fan of the band too and tweeted about them. Later in May they were also nominated for the category “Emerging Artist of the Year” by Americana Music Association.
The duo did a concert along with some other artists for the victims of the tornadoes that had hit Alabama in April. The concert raised more than $20,000. They also launched a charity auction which included donations from high profile artists. On July 31, they received a standing ovation from the crowd as they performed in the “Newport Folk Festival”. Since the start of August; their debut album “Barton Hollow” has already sold more than 150,000 copies. Their individual tracks have also sold more than 280,000.
Joy and Paul no doubt make the most unique and in a way a very “different” duo. They have made a very rapid success in the field of music and are rushing into the world of fame. When asked, how do they keep their band “together”, Paul is reported to have replied that there are like ten different reasons for that, one being: it’s very much easier for two people to get into the car, with just a guitar and a keyboard to accompany. No backup band. no tangled up wires and gigantic sound systems. He also said that it’s a strange thing, singing with his partner, they have a strange way of unintentionally singing the same notes, having same pace and highs and lows. In a way it comes “naturally” between the two.
Joy confesses that among all the writers that she has ever collaborated with, she had never felt writing being any easier than it has been with Paul. They just sit around, share their past loss, sorrows and experiences and put them down forming a song. The name of the song “Barton Hollow” is actually a town where Paul grew up and confesses to have performed a lot of “illicit” acts.
The Civil Wars are now going around live in concerts. If you want to catch the magic of this highly talented and naturally enchanting duo, get The Civil Wars Tickets now!

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