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Hailed as the ‘New Queen of Bluegrass’ by Wall Street Journal, Rhonda Vincent continues to spread her magic around the globe with chart breaking music and riveting live performances. The artist has been entertaining fans for over four decades after breaking onto the bluegrass music scene in the early seventies. She has released fifteen studio albums including four number one Bluegrass albums. She has been invited as a guest vocalist by several other eminent musicians such as Joe Diff, Tanya Tucker, Alan Jackson and Dolly Parton. This season, Rhonda will once again deliver a captivating live performance for the fans. Grab cheap Rhonda Vincent Renfro Valley tickets to catch Rhonda live in action as she takes the crowd on another unforgettable musical ride.

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Born in 1962, Rhonda released her debut album ‘A Dream Come True’ in 1990. Although her initial albums failed to chart in the US, she managed to garner praises from several bluegrass musicians for her immense talent. Her first Top 10 album ‘The Storm Still Rages’ was released in 2001. In 2006, Rhonda topped the US Top Bluegrass Albums chart with her album ‘All American Bluegrass Girl’.  Since then she has released three more number one albums including the most recently released ‘Sunday Mornin’ Singin’’.
Rhonda has won several International Bluegrass Music Association Awards including ‘Entertainer of the Year’. She has also been inducted in the Missouri Walk of Fame. Rhonda’s fast paced multi-range vocals continue to allure masses from around the world. Get Rhonda Vincent Renfro Valley tickets to witness a lively performance by the artist.

Vincent Renfro Valley tickets offer you a wonderful opportunity to see the Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Lea Vincent perform live! Vincent is an award-winning bluegrass, country and gospel vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and an amazing songwriter. She started her career in music as a part of The Sally Mountain Show. Vincent got herself noticed in the bluegrass circle for being the only female with quick vocals, strong chord structures and multi-range progression. Her talent and skill made her famous in the bluegrass circuits, but it was not until the 1985 television series "You Can Be A Star", that Vincent’s true potential was realized. With the launch of her debut solo venture, New Dreams and Sunshine she got many chances to perform with some of the biggest bluegrass artists in the country.
Rhonda Vincent & the Rage became her band project. Both shared commendable success with chart topping albums namely Taken (2010), Your Money and My Good Look (2011) and Sunday Mornin' Singin' (2012). She performed with her band in a number of concerts; the one at the Centennial Hall London, 2008 being the most memorable one. Her performance here established her name one of the best live bluegrass acts of all times. She was also honored and awarded by International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA) for her efforts in the past four decades. Vincent Renfro Valley is a concert that allows you to experience live bluegrass like never before. If you are a Vincent or bluegrass fan then you can get great deals and bargains with cheap Vincent Renfro Valley tickets. Grab them soon.