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‘Favorite Son of The Great Lakes’, Pat Dailey is counted among the most celebrated entertainers in the heartland. Whether he play in big prestigious concert halls or small saloons, in the midwest or in Key West, the pop singer-songwriter has what it takes to gather together a swarm of fans. He is best known for his fondness for the Great Lakes where he has spent more than two decades, which is something that has inspired his most popular stories and songs. The context of his ten incredible solo albums, these so-called ‘island tunes’ have brought fame to Pat as a type of present-day troubadour of the region, who has at times been compared to the likes of Jimmy Buffet.

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About Pat Dailey

The maestro is known for his friendship with author/songwriter/poet Shel Silverstein, and for his wonderful collaborations with the latter. The two artists worked together for fourteen years in which they produced many songs, along with the critically acclaimed children’s album titled Underwater Land, released just before Silverstein’s sudden death. Dailey is a Great Lake’s phenomenon, whose yearly sellout performances at House of Blues in Cleveland, 2009’s SHElabration festival in Chicago, along with an unforgettable summer-long concert series at Put-in Bay, has shown his large fanbase. In addition, his recent studio offering Langram Road has gained recognition from the critics, proving that his forty-year-old career is just as thriving as ever. Pat Dailey tickets are just as sought after among fans, as they were all those decade back.
Pat Dailey had taken keen interest in music since he was in high school, where he formed his own group called Pat & The K-Tones, performing sock hops in the local places. After completing high school, he served a while in the marines, still continuing his passion for music and performing cover songs with the help of his six-string acoustic guitar. While stationed at Hawaii in 1960, he was finally offered to perform as an opening act for well-known island singer Don Ho. Soon after his tour of duty came to an end, the artist decided to take on a rather wanderlust lifestyle, which has remained with him to this day. By 1969, the maestro had succeeded in gaining much popularity among Chicago crowds, and was on his way to developing further fanbase in cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, and Sun Valley.
Pat Dailey had transformed himself into a road musician by 1977, on his way to the city of Cleveland where he was told about Put-in-Bay, the well-known summer retreat in Lake Erie on South Bass Island. Though Dailey had not heard of the place before, he took his chances and went there not knowing that the place would change his life forever. By the following summer, he had been booked at the island’s popular nightspots for a whole season, performing for huge audiences every weekend. With only an acoustic guitar as his instrument, a talent for songwriting, along with his charismatic sense of humor, the artist won a following among the Midwest music lovers.
In 1984, in Key West, Pat Dailey debuted at the famous Sloppy Joe’s, where tourist from all over the world as well as college student completely fell for his music. He has been performing there ever since and in 2009, celebrated his twenty-fifth year at the Hemingway haunt. His characteristic fun-songs include Big Money Walleye, Island Forever, Legend of the Lake, and Pat-in-Bay. His most loved songs with Silverstein’s collaborations include The Great Lakes Song, On the Water, Blue Catawaba Moon, Walleye Willie, Ugly Feet and Vermillion, among several others. The two artists’ recording Underwater Land goes to show the perfect harmony between Silverstein’s genius in children’s writing and Pat’s inviting, witty vocal styles. Pat Dailey’s music is truly one of the most fun-loving and lively kind that is perfect to cheer anyone up. So give yourself and light-hearted, relaxing treat by grabbing some cheap Pat Dailey tickets.

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