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Nashville is a popular American drama television series. It has steadily grown its audience since it aired for the first time in October 2012. Its pilot episode made an immediate impact and was seen by almost nine million people. The show has two complete seasons while a third is currently underway. These seasons gave Nashville many enthusiastic fans, who are sure to turn up in huge numbers when the cast of Nashville comes to perform. The performers who will be a part of the upcoming tour include Chris Carmack, Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, sisters Lennon Stella & Maisy Stella, and Aubrey Peeples. With Nashville Live In Concert tickets you can hear all the songs and witness the performances as they happen.

About Nashville Live In Concert


The series has been created by Callie Khouri, who won an Academy Award in 1992 for the film “Thelma & Louise”. The engaging musical series features actors who depict the stories of singers in Nashville; where one legendary country singer, Rayna Jaymes is facing a decline in his stardom and another aspiring singer, Juliette Barnes is quickly rising to fame. The role of Jaymes has been played by Connie Britton while Hayden Panettiere acts out the role of Barnes.


Both of these female actors were nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for their roles in Nashville. Britton got the nomination for ‘Best Actress’ and Panettiere was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’. She received the same nomination in 2013 as well. Along with individual awards, Nashville has won the Critics' Choice Television Award for ‘Most Exciting New Series’ in addition to several other nominations.


Stars of ABC’s Nashville toured for the first time in 2014 and received a huge welcome by fans. The tremendous turn out at their concerts called for another spring concert tour. This time the concert tour will be hosted in eight different cities, which include major cities such as Phoenix, Boston and San Francisco. Sam Palladio will join the cast for the shows scheduled in New York and Los Angeles, while Jonathon Jackson will make an appearance in Chicago.


Nashville has produced six albums. The first one is “The Music of Nashville: Season 1 Volume 1” which was released in December 2012. The album topped the US Soundtracks chart and debuted on the number three spot on the “US Country Music” charts. The second album “The Music of Nashville: Season 1 Volume 2” released in May 2013 featured on the fifth position on the “US Country Music” chart and on the second spot on the “US Soundtracks” chart.


Similarly the second season of Nashville produced two albums, “The Music of Nashville: Season 2 Volume 1” and “Volume 2”. The fifth album is titled “The Music of Nashville: Season 3, Volume 1”. It managed to get the seventy fifth position of the US Billboard 200.Another special album in the Nashville chronology is “Christmas with Nashville”. This album runs for forty four minutes and has music that is not used on the show, with the exception of one song “Baby, It's Cold Outside". The album secured number ten spot on the “US Top Holiday Albums” and ranked at the eighth position on the “US Top Country Albums”. The albums have collectively managed to sell nearly one million sound tracks to date.


The cast members are superb actors and excel as musicians and performers. Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio have worked on several duets together. They also collaborated on the songs for behind-the-scenes special for the creation of Disney’s Broadway musicals. Both of these artists also have their solo albums underway so fans can expect to hear some fresh material during the tour performances. Get Nashville Live In Concert tickets and watch the stars from the Nashville series take to the stage and perform live.


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