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Morgan Frazier is a country music performer. She is also a singer and songwriter, who is originally from Texas but has taken her ambitions all the way to the home of country music itself—Nashville. Her dreams to become a famous singer began really early and by the age of seven, she had already written her first song. It was called “Gates of Heaven”, which was inspired by her gospel background. As a child, her first stage was church, thus it was only fitting that she would write about religious subjects. She received a lot of encouragement for her songwriting ability—and so from then on out, there was no holding back for her.

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About Morgan Frazier

From her background in gospel music sprouted her love for country music. It seemed more age appropriate and more contemporary for a young up and coming singer. It helped her develop and more modern image, and it helped that that form of music and that style of singing came easy to her. She now had a wider range of modern singers to look up to, and with that, she worked her way up. Today, at 18 years of age, Morgan Frazier is one of the youngest rising stars in the industry.
Her journey to playing her own shows and selling Morgan Frazier tickets in large numbers has been long, almost spanning her entire life. As a Texas girl, having a career in showbiz did not seem very plausible. Travelling to Nashville helped elevate her confidence and gave her hope for a place in the industry. In the beginning, in an attempt to score a record deal, she would knock on every possible door, hoping to get noticed. It was her persistence that earned her a contract; she was never easily discouraged and did not give up till she got what she achieved.
Even though she is young, she is not inexperienced. When she recorded an album for the first time, she was only nine years old. This is when she was still back in Texas. Even though the process was meant to be more for the sake of experience and for her to explore her talents, her parents ended up ordering a thousand copies of it. Even then they had encouraged her talent and wanted others to hear her sing. At the time, she often recalls how she went through every store in her town and urged them to buy her CD. She also sold cheap Morgan Frazier tickets for every little show that she would sing at. So, she not only had the musical talent and songwriting ability, she also had entrepreneurial skills within in to elevate her; something that would prove to be very useful later on.
From then on, her career skyrocketed, and she has no one but herself to give credit to.  With the aim to start a professional career, she began to travel all through the South of America and some parts of the west. In this quest, she managed to sell over 30 thousand albums. During this time, she visited every single small town spanning between Georgia and Texas. She would perform free shows as previews for her record everywhere she went, putting out cheap Morgan Frazier tickets. With no proper company or management to back her up, she, with her family, formulated her own marketing plan, personally selling her material and singing in front of people by herself. She had the realization that with this career, she is going to support her family and take them to a better place. Moreover, being more or less a street salesperson gave her the confidence to present herself with poise. It prepared her for when she finally met with formal producers, songwriters and managers. 
Her breakthrough moment came when she was thirteen years old. She was performing at a hotel in Nashville where she met John Northup. He was the owner of his own recording company, “Northup Entertainment”. He was very impressed with her talent and at her ability to write potentially commercial songs. It was then that he approached her and her family and signed her to his label, becoming her manager. Today, she continues to grow. Her latest endeavor is to truly break into the commercial market and become a household name. With more Morgan Frazier tickets up for grabs this year, this goal just might be plausible.

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