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Old Mary may have had a little lamb "whose fleece was white as snow," yet Miranda Lambert is a vocal wolf in sheep's clothing. Her flaxen locks may have given off the impression of being a demure debutante when she started her musical career more than a decade ago, but she soon unveiled her melodious prowess in country-coded largesse. Come down to the Miranda Lambert Corpus Christi event to be blown away by her "Gunpowder & Lead" packed vibes.

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As will become evident in the Miranda Lambert Corpus Christi happening, an explosive lyrical vocabulary heavily features in her musical offerings, what with having acquired a hands-on guns experience early on in her childhood. The elder Lambert was a well-versed musician and encouraged his daughter to build up her country music career, resulting in the formation of the Texas Pride Band by Miranda at age 17.
Bringing forth her debut single "Me and Charlie Talking" in 2004, Miranda's debut album Kerosene was released by Epic Nashville the following year. Though, she had self-released a self-titled album in 2001, it were her mainstream commercial albums that received the industry's blessing and consecutively topped the US Country charts, with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Revolution peaking in the top-ten slot on Billboard 200. It's a no-brainer that the Miranda Lambert Corpus Christi performance will be epic.
Her gold and platinum studded musical effluences have garnered ten ACM awards, with a quartet of CMA awards and a Grammy to boot.
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