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The talents of two musicians, Lyle Lovett and Kris Kristofferson, combined during one musical event to give their fans a complete sensory experience. These gifted artists soon come together at Red Rock Amphitheatre for an epic concert and Lyle Lovett Kris Kristofferson Morrison tickets can be secured in advance to attend this elating event.

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Lyle Lovett amazingly mixes blues, gospel, folk and jazz with country to form his signature style that is loved by his listeners. He is listed among those living legends, who with their unique musicianship and heart-touching art of song crafting, has served as a mentor for the coming generations. An accomplished music career that contains fourteen studio albums rewards Lovett with numerous awards and achievements like Grammys and Trailblazer Award.
The very versatile Kris Kristofferson is apt in singing, songwriting and acting and his ultimate stage presence makes him an outstanding performer. With a professional career of almost fifty years, Kristofferson has marked his inerasable impression on the music history. His music skills are revealed in 25 studio albums that he has released over the time. He is among those successful celebrities who have remarkably balanced their acting careers with their active music life.
Kristofferson’s love for the music brings him on the road even today where he performs with his fellow artist Lyle Lovett during his recent tour. Buy cheap Lyle Lovett Kris Kristofferson Morrison tickets and allow this duo dynamite to show you a wonderful time with their greatest hits.

Do you want to see Kris Kristofferson and Lyle Lovett perform on the same stage together? Do you want to spend time listening to one of the best country musicians of the world? Purchase Kris Kristofferson Morrison tickets and watch the artists perform their best songs live. Kris was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004. He has released hit singles and  performed in many films as an actor. His most famous songs include ‘Me and Bobby McGee’, ‘Sunday Mornin’ and ‘For The Good Times’. He was part of the country music group The Highwaymen which consisted of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. He has released nineteen studio albums, two live albums with twenty nine singles.

Lyle Lovett is the winner of four Grammy Awards and has released twenty one singles. He won the Best Country Album award for his album ‘It’s Not Big It’s Large’ in 2007. The album debuted at #2 on the Top Country Albums chart. Lovett has released eleven studio albums and one live album since 1980. For country music lovers, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. These experienced musicians have set high standards of modern country music and are performing live shows since many years. Watch them perform live by purchasing cheap Kris Kristofferson Morrison tickets online. Get them now to secure your place in the live show.

When a strong and melodious voice combines with soulful lyrics, the result is a wholesome music experience. And if two artists share the same qualities and attributes, then the pleasure goes beyond measure. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre brings two versatile musicians; Lyle Lovett and Kris Kristofferson at one platform where they’d share the stage to perform their hits live on stage. Be ready to be amused by their biggest classic and new hits and get Lyle Lovett Kris Kristofferson tickets for an enjoyable music evening. Lyle Lovett is recognized among those music legends, who with their gifted talent and unique song crafting, shaped the music of the 1980s and onwards. Although his music seems to have more of a country touch, but it seamlessly blends the elements of folk, jazz, blues, swing and gospel, thus breaking  all conventional barriers. With fourteen albums in his music repertoire and several accolades to his name, Lovett is one of the most commercially successful and critically admired musicians.

Lovett’s passion for music developed when he completed his university education and began writing songs. He associated himself with the music industry as a songwriter first but soon he signed a contract with the MCA Records that rightly spotted Lovett’s singing abilities. His self-titled debut studio album came out in 1986 and instantly made its way to the country charts. Ranked at number fourteen on the countdowns, the album registered Lovett’s music style to the country listeners and earned him a devoted cult following. The next two albums "Pontiac" and "Lyle Lovett and His Large Band" were released in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Both the albums commercially did even better than the previous release, hitting both the country and the Billboard 200 charts. They were eventually certified  Gold.

Lovett met with immense  fame when his sixth studio album "Roads to Ensenada" came out  in 1996. The album  reached  number four on the country albums chart. It was Lovett’s first record to reach the top ten. With its quick sales across the US, the record  was certified  Gold by the RIAA. The following album "Step Inside This House" again featured Lovett’s signature style and entered the top ten countdown. This record  also went Gold. Apart from making  a solo music career, Lovett also ventured into the field of acting. Besides, he  gave soundtracks of many famous movies like "Dr. T. & the Women". His 2003 release "Smile" was in fact a compilation of different movie soundtracks. With the beginning of the new century, Lovett actively produced music and released commercially hit albums like "My Baby Don’t Tolerate", "It’s Not Big It’s Large" and "Natural Forces"  between the years 2003 and 2009. Lovett’s exceptional work was acknowledged by the music critics. It won him four Grammys at different time periods, along with other prestigious honors like the Trailblazer Award.

The release of his recent studio album "Release Me" brought him on the road and during  the current year, the living legend actively performs at various venues across the country.  He will be teaming up with another country star Kris Kristofferson in his upcoming live concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. A vocalist, songwriter and actor, Kris Kristofferson carries multiple talents and is categorized among the highly revered country musicians. With a music career that spans almost five decades and twenty five  music albums, Kristofferson can certainly be called  a living music icon.

Kristofferson’s music career started with the release of the single  "Viet Nam Blues," in 1966. After releasing many other songs over the following years, Kristofferson launched his first self-titled full length studio album in 1970. The album turned out well and performed good on charts, achieving its inclusion in top ten country albums. His movie career also started in 1971 with the film "The Last Movie". He continued to balance his acting projects with his booming  music career. Kristofferson’s 1972 release "Jesus Was a Capricorn" became the country chart topper and was eventually declared  Gold. Kristofferson has also shared his talent with the popular band "The Highwaymen". The artist continued acting in movies while making music side by side in the coming years, and to date, he actively promotes his music through live shows and events. His remarkable contributions led him to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004. The current season once again brings him on the road with the fellow musician Lyle Lovett, at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Confirm your presence at this must-attend event, by getting Lyle Lovett Kris Kristofferson tickets before hand.