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Lady Antebellum Denver show presents the much loved American country pop musical band from Nashville in Tennessee. The group comprises of three outstanding musicians, Charles Kelly and Hillary Scott, both of whom are on the lead and background vocals, and Dave Haywood who plays multiple instruments including the guitar, piano, and mandolin, and also covers the background vocals. The Lady Antebellum Denver stages the trio who been winning prestigious awards since 2008 from some of the most remarkable academies including the likes of Grammy Awards, CMT Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, American Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards. These Lady Antebellum Denver Colorado musicians have mostly won in the categories of Vocal Group of the Year, Single of the Year, Best Country Song, Best Country Performance by a Duo or a Group, Favorite Country Band, Best Entertainer of the Year, Group Video of the Year and Vocal Group of the Year.

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The pop country band debuted in 2007, releasing their first single Love Don’t Live Here, which received skyrocketing popularity and right away shot high up to number. 3 on the Hot Country Songs chart in year 2008. Lady Antebellum Denver tickets are available for the 15th of January and February 2012, performing at the Pepsi Center. So hurry it up, get the Lady Antebellum Denver tickets before they are all hogged by the Lady Antebellum fans, and be there to listen, sing along and dance to the high tempo, energetic melodies of the country band.

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Q:Where can i get the best prices on lady a tickets, denver co?

A:You have come to the right place. Please go to Lady Antebellum page on our site. From there you can view all the prices as well as other related information.

Q:Do you have the venue details for lady antebellum colorado concert?

A:You are currently at Lady Antebellum Fillmore Auditorium Colorado Tickets page. Perhaps you can google Fillmore Auditorium for directions.

Q:When will Lady Antebellum Fillmore tickets be delivered to me?

A:Lady Antebellum Tickets will be delivered to you a week before the event.

Q:Is there a way i can avoid paying the service charges on lady antebellum tickets denver colorado?

A:You will have to pay the service charges on Lady Antebellum Denver Tickets at all costs. However you can have discounts on your tickets to make them cheaper.

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A:Yes, we do sell Lady Antebellum Denver Tickets on general admission basis which you can get by reaching the venue well before time.

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A:Lady Antebellum Denver Tickets once bought cannot be returned and no refund is allowed as it is not our company's policy.