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The seven times Grammy Award winning group Lady Antebellum will team up with the Grammy nominated country music star David Nail for a fiery live performance at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Watch pop and country’ blend with ‘rock and country’ for a concert that will keep you dancing all through the show. To watch these two popular music acts live on stage, get your Lady Antebellum and David Nail tickets at the earliest and make your way to the arena for a very special concert.

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About Lady Antebellum David Nail


Lady Antebellum are renowned for their heartfelt lyrics and vocal gifts but they are much more than that Comprising of Dave Haywood, Charles Kelly and Hillary Scott, the ensemble has made a point of creating on spot and experimental music. This ability not only keeps their live performances unpredictable but also keeps the fans hooked throughout. The band rose to prominence with their guest appearance on Jim Brickman’s single as vocalists. Following this, the band released their own debut dingle Love Don’t Live Here which peaked at number three on the Hot Country Songs chart and officially started the group’s official music career.


Lady Antebellum released their self-titled debut album in 2008 which went double platinum. The sophomore effort by the band took their success even further by being certified triple platinum. The group has released a total of five hit albums so far in an immensely successful career spanning almost a decade. They have sold more than ten million copies in the United States only to rank among the most sought after acts in the world of music.


Lady Antebellum will be joined at the show by an equally adored country music artist David Nail. What sets him apart from his contemporary artists is his boldness to choose the topics that are left untouched by others. Songs related to cheating, failed dreams and break ups form the major chunk of David’s work and he sings them as if they all come out of his own experiences. His ability to write and sing songs about loss and hurt allow his listeners to relate to his works. Though it is David’s signature, it is not his limit. His latest album was released in March, 2014 and it included decidedly upbeat songs, such as Whatever She’s Got.


David Nail has released three studio albums in addition to several singles and also an EP. His debut album, released in 2009 was titled “I’m About to Come Alive” and it gave David a reputation of someone striving to grasp the stars. His second album, “The Sound of a Million Dreams” portrayed him as a star struggling with new found success and his third and latest presents work from someone who is in complete control of his craft and music. David stepped into the professional world of music in 2002, but it was not until the later part of the decade that he got his deserved recognition and popularity. David Nail is renowned for his heartfelt songs and dynamic live performances. This is your chance to watch him live on stage. Do not miss it.


The upcoming performance by Lady Antebellum and David Nail is expected to take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. With an outdoor capacity for about 22,500 people, the amphitheater is a perfect venue for such a performance that is expected to draw a huge crowd. If you do not want to miss this double treat then get the Lady Antebellum & David Nail tickets before they are all sold out. Lady Antebellum’s pop beats and David Nail’s rock beats coupled with a heavy dose of country music are expected to make the upcoming concert worth attending. Yes, it really promises to be that special an event.


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