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Kris Kristofferson has proved his versatility and artistry by showcasing multiple talents as a singer, songwriter and movie actor. His love for country music grows as he gets older and this is the reason why he regularly tours for his listeners and fans. His most recent album “Feeling Mortal” came out in January 2013 and marked another addition to his glorious music history. He returns to the stage during the current run of his live shows in different cities and you can attend one of his live concerts by picking up Kris Kristofferson Billings tickets.

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About Kris Kristofferson Billings Tickets

Kristofferson’s fantastic music journey began when he launched his first single “Viet Nam Blues” in 1966. His full fledge debut release came out in 1970 that hit the top ten country charts. This success was accompanied by two subsequent studio albums “The Silver Tongued Devil and I” and “Border Lord” which were released in 1971 and 1972 respectively. Meanwhile he joined the film industry with his debut role in the 1971 movie “The Last Movie”.
Taking the progressing music career and newly started acting career side by side, Kristofferson released his fourth studio album “Jesus Was a Capricorn” in November 1972. The album became a country chart topper and made him a commercially successful singer. Continuing acting and making music in the following years, Kristofferson produced many successful albums like “The Austin Sessions” and “Closer to the Bone”. Kristofferson promises to entertain his listeners as long as he is alive and to live up to his fan’s expectations, he brings his sensational live performances to various cities.  Share your love for country music by attending Kristofferson’s live show and get Kris Kristofferson Billings tickets now.