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Kenny Rogers Tickets are your chance to see the American country music superstar live in concert! With more than 120 hit singles across various music genres and over 200 individual weeks at the top of the pop album charts, Kenny Rogers is a living musical legend. Kenny Rogers Tickets are the perfect opportunity to experience his raw talent and iconic, raspy vocals live with the people you care most about!

About Kenny Rogers Tickets

Kenny Rogers was born in Houston, Texas in 1938. He began his musical career in the mid-1950s when he recorded with a doo-wop group called The Scholars. The group eventually broke up and Rogers released his first minor solo hit called "That Crazy Feeling" in 1958. Next, Rogers joined a jazz group called the Bobby Doyle Trio, who played in various clubs and eventually landed a deal with Columbia records. After a few other gigs with other bands, including The New Christy Minstrels and The First Edition, Kenny Rogers launched his solo career in 1976.

Kenny Rogers signed a deal with United Artists and produced his first solo album Love Lifted Me, which charted with two minor hit singles "Love Lifted Me" and "While the Feeling's Good". His next album, self titled Kenny Rogers, produced another solo hit "Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)". In 1977, Rogers released his first major hit, "Lucille", which sold over five million copies and reached number one on the pop charts in 12 countries. Kenny Rogers Tickets are your opportunity to see these classic Kenny Rogers songs performed live on stage!

Kenny Rogers's success continued to climb steadily with hits such as "Daytime Friends," "Sweet Music Man," and "Love or Something Like It". Perhaps his most acclaimed and recognizable song, "The Gambler" was such a vivid story that it became not only a hit among the masses, but also a television moving starring Rogers himself in the title role. The movie spawned four follow-ups, making it the longest running miniseries franchise on television. After his success with acting, Kenny Rogers started on a second career as an actor on television and movies, including another TV movie based on one of his hit songs, "Coward of the County." You can see the movie star and musician live when you buy your Kenny Rogers Tickets now!

Kenny Rogers teamed up with his close friend and country singer Dottie West in the late 1970's to produce a number of albums and duets together. While creating three hit albums, Kenny Rogers Tickets were selling out like crazy to see him perform with Dottie West. The duet's country hits included "Every Time Two Fools Collide", "Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight" and "What Are We Doin' in Love". Kenny Rogers was with Dottie West died in 1991 after sustaining injuries in a 1991 car accident. This tragedy became the topic of the CBS biopic Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story, which starred Rogers opposite Michele Lee.

Kenny Rogers also established himself as a well-respected photographer and writer. In 1999 Roger founded his own record company called Dreamcatcher Entertainment, with which he continued producing massive hits such as "The Greatest" and "Buy Me a Rose". In 2004, Kenny Rogers leased the album 42 Ultimate Hits, which featured every great Kenny Rogers song from every phase of his long and evolving career. The collection also has two new songs, "We Are The Same" and "My World Is Over". You can listen to the legend himself perform these more contemporary hits when you buy your Kenny Rogers Tickets now!

Kenny Rogers Tickets will not fail to impress any musical palate. Kenny Rogers' style appeals to both pop and country audiences and his voice is like nobody else's. For more than five decades, Rogers has delivered memorable songs, drawing fans among rock, pop, soul and country audiences. Rogers considers himself a great story teller rather than a great singer, and embodies the role of a sensitive male. His songs are timeless and have touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. Kenny Rogers Tickets are the perfect gift to share with your loved ones so that they can enjoy the profound lyrics and sweet but rough voice of the legend himself. Don't miss out on your opportunity to see Kenny Rogers perform his famous songs live; buy your Kenny Rogers Tickets now and see the master wordsmith and musical artist do what he does best- tell stories through song.

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