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Country music is being celebrated by two very spirited musicians who have worked really hard to get to the place they enjoy today. Although much apart in age, John Michael Montgomery and Morgan Frazier share a love of the country genre that runs deep. Fabulous concerts are waiting to happen in your home base so lie in wait for cheap John Michael Montgomery Morgan Frazier tickets, as they tend to sell out rather quickly.

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About John Michael Montgomery Morgan Frazier

John Michael Montgomery hails from Kentucky and has been around the music scene for the last two decades. John learned the first chords of the guitar from his father who himself played in a country band locally. Encouraged by him, he went on to join the family band. John started off with playing the guitar in the family venture but after his parents divorced, he stepped up as the lead vocalist. Soon after he took a solo flight when Atlantic Records picked up on his talent and signed him. Then on there has been no looking back for this country crooner. At the John Michael Montgomery Morgan Frazier concert, your senses will be flooded with tunes that will be committed to memory and stay with you for times to come. If you are not a fan already, you will be one by the time these artists are done with you.
He is a good looking, sophisticated forty-something fellow whose appeal has not waned since the 90s. His debut album Life's a Dance sold over one million copies and the RIAA certified it to be a triple-platinum hit. Several tracks from it landed on the Country charts. "I Love the Way You Love Me" topped these charts as well as secured spot number 60 on the pop charts as well.  This track also earned the “Single of the Year” title by the Academy of Country Music. His second album "I Swear" came out two years later in 1994 and was even more successful than the first one. His songs have been covered by various other artists including Boyzone and All-4-One. Over the years he has given a steady stream of hits including “Be My Baby Tonight", “The Little Girl", "I Can Love You Like That" and "If You've Got Love". Having launched his own record label Stringtown in 2008, his latest album Time Flies was released on it the same year as well. John Michael Montgomery Morgan Frazier event will avail you the opportunity to enjoy both of these artists who happen to be geniuses in their own right.
Morgan Frazier has the most unusual story. She wrote her first single “Gates Of Heaven" when she was only seven! A part of the church choir, Gospel music honed her vocals as a little girl and set her up to follow her passion- country music. From a small town in Texas she toiled up to Nashville by literally selling her CD door to door. Her family had faith in her talent and got her to record a CD at the age of nine, with no intention of formally marketing it. Thousands of copies were ordered and upon arrival they took the family room by storm until Morgan finally decided to “get rid” of them. Her strategy involved going in every store in the local market, walking up to customers and actually selling the CDs herself. On the first day this determined littler girl sold sixty pieces. In the couple of years that followed, her family took her to almost all over the Southwest and South, and sold about 30,000 copies.  Now in her late teens, she is a well-known singer and songwriter in “Music Row”. Signed up with Curb Records, she has also co-written songs for the label with some of the best country headliners. Her first album is fervently awaited while she continues to perform at the ‘Tootsie's Orchid Lounge’ which is a “legendary honky-tonk” where big names like Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson have also graced the stage. The John Michael Montgomery Morgan Frazier promises to be a fun filled concert as the country crooners sure do know how to engage the crowd and make them forget the world. If having a good time is what you have in mind then take along friends and family by getting John Michael Montgomery Morgan Frazier tickets and swaying the evening away to heart-warming melodies.

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