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Grab the chance this season and get hold of Jay Unger and Molly Mason tickets to experience music of its kind. The duo takes you to the world of classy songs and the golden age with country and swing beats. Some duos just make the best of their voice and it gets hard to beat them. Jay Unger and Molly Mason is one such American duo that has simply ruled the acoustic scene. Since years the duo has entertained the audience with their warmth and love, musicianship and wit that makes up the whole package worth going for. A Praire Home Companion earned them a name that made them one of the most wanted duo of the times. Later Dancing on the Air radio program made them won praise and the mesmerizing performance they did for Ken Burns entranced millions around the globe. The ultimate performance by Jay on Ashokan Farewell earned them the international acclaim that many only dream of. Later Ashokan Farewell was nominated for Emmy as well while the track won them a Grammy Award that was nothing less than a pleasant surprise and a much awaited achievement.

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Jay Ungar And Molly Mason

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Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Infinity Hall - Norfolk Norfolk Sunday
12/17/2017 1:30 PM

About Jay Ungar And Molly Mason

Jay Unger and Molly Mason have simply turned over the world with the powerful melody ever produced. Both produced a week long camps named Fiddle & Dance Camps that focus on training the musicians and dancers. Those who have the inclination to become a guitarist, fiddler, percussionist or mandolin players turn up to the camp and they prove to be the link in the chain of becoming great singers. They learn the folk music and pass it on to the coming generations and this is how the whole series continue. Although belonging to an immigrant Jewish family, they recovered folk music from their ancestors and passed it on to the upcoming generation and to those who have the thirst for it. As Jay married Molly the duo clicked like anything and made music that many only dream of. Even the duo is joined by their daughter and thus gives it a touch of a complete family passion. A super hit soundtrack of the documentary film Brother’s Keeper was also done by Jay Unger and Molly Mason that was applauded much by the beat lovers.
Jay Unger and Molly Mason music is regarded as the root music of the Americans. Jay being the finest fiddler and Molly a consummate accompanist make up the best deal one could ever imagine. Their music career has spawned over thirty years now and have performed at a number of folk clubs, square dances to Madison Square Garden, Tanglewood and even had the privilege to perform at The White House too. Making a humble beginning from Ashokan Farewell, Jay Unger and Molly Mason have truly made their name in the folk music like anything. Listening to their performance s like travelling back in time and experiencing ecstasy. As the Ashokan Farewell won Emmy and Grammy many folk lovers have started taking it seriously and as the time has passed the beats are reminiscent of the traditional fiddlers and classical music players worldwide.
In 1999, Jay Unger and Molley Mason released a short 20 minute orchestral work titled The Harvest Home Suite which became synonymous with their classic performance. Many other collaborative performances with some of the finest bassists, mandolinist and flutist have added to the glory of the duo and they consider themselves privileged to be taken with such warmth. Some of the beautiful waltzes have also added to the beauty of their singing abilities and they have tried to experiment on some blues and swing notes too. The experimental nature and great awareness of the beats really takes them far from the ordinary performers thus making Jay Unger and Molly Mason show one of the best sellers this season. Pounce upon a few as cheap Jay Unger and Molly Mason tickets can be found with great luck and they are surely worth the effort for the performance is one of its kinds.

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