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Folk music existed far before country music was introduced. In essence, folk songs are traditional stories that have been carried forward across generations. Folk music in the US hence is a combination of the stories of the large and diverse population of immigrants that have landed in the country over the years.

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Country music on the other hand originated during early 20th century in Appalachia, the southeastern region in the US which largely comprised the immigrant working class of German, African, Irish, Scottish and English descent. Their varied folk traditions blended and evolved into Hillbilly Music, later known as Country Music.

What binds folk and country genres is their history rooted in the story-song tradition. Over the years, country and folk have progressed and evolved a great deal, with the contributions of emerging and varied music artists. Today there are a number of well-known folk and country stars, the recordings and live performances of which are thoroughly enjoyed by the masses.

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