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The country music group primarily known for award winning music albums, Rascal Flatts was established in 1999. Comprising of three band members named Joe Don Rooney, Jay Demarcus and Gary LeVox, the trio was formed at a night club in Nashville. LeVox and DaMarcus used to perform together at the club whereas Rooney was Chely Wright’s band’s guitarist. One fine evening, DeMarcus (also a member of Chely Wright’s band then) invited Rooney to perform with them in absence of their part time guitarist. The combination of these three simply rocked and they received unexpected appreciation from the audience. A layman from the crowd approached them and suggested the name ‘Rascal Flatts’. The trio liked the name, quickly formed a band right there and then, naming it Rascal Flatts. Leaving all their previous commitments, the three musicians started working together and soon recorded their first single which turned out to be a great hit. Catch the three young men live at events such as the Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry concert in order to witness the magic of sounds that they create. We have got the best Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry tickets available in our inventory.

About Grand Ole Opry Rascal Flatts Tickets

After signing a contract with Lyric Street Records in 1999, the trio recorded songs for their debut album. An electric blend of pop and country music arrived in the year 2000, in the form of their self-titled album. The single ‘Prayin’ for Daylight’ from this album smashed the country charts and Rascal Flats rose to popularity as the album received number 3 position on the US Country charts. The band released four more singles which hit the top ten rank on the charts followed by its second studio album ‘Melt’. Selling a million copies in only one and a half month, the album received international acclaim and hit the Country Charts at #1. Rascal Flatts received the prominence that it deserved and it started to perform more frequently at the live concerts which recorded huge attendance. Even today, the popularity and attendance at the concerts by this band is amazing- the upcoming Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry is an example as the tickets for this show are selling out very rapidly. Our website has the got cheap Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry tickets for the valued customers.  
‘Feels Like Today’, its third studio album not only topped the US Country charts, but also reached the top spot on other US Charts. Rascal Flatts released three more albums, ‘Me and My Gang’, ‘Still Feels Good and ‘Unstoppable’ during this decade; all of them were charted at the top. By the end of a decade, the trio found itself at the peak of its successful career and an ever-increasing fan following with a higher proportion of youngsters.  The Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry tickets are in high demand by the teenagers and post teens these days.
With the beginning of next decade, the music group came up with its seventh studio album titled, ‘Nothing Like This’ with Big Machine Records. The album received similar reception and became the sixth consecutive number one hit followed by an awaited live album ‘The Best of Rascal Flatts Live’ in 2011. The upcoming Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry show will feature the record-breaking sound tracks from the most recent studio album ‘Changed’ as well as the live album. ‘Changed’ also charted at the top position, following the trend that the group has set. The popular hits from this album include ‘Come Wake Me Up’ and ‘Banjo’.
Rascal Flatts’ near to perfect approach towards country and pop tunes have earned them an exceptional rating. The band regularly tours across the country, sometimes in collaboration with other artists. The recipient of many prestigious awards, Rascal Flatts is proud to have won the ‘Tony Martell Lifetime Entertainment Achievement Award’ and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you are also a Rascal Flatts fan, then you must be glad to know that we have got Rascal Flatts Grand Ole Opry tickets available for sale. 

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