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Jana Kramer is a country musician and as well as a renowned actress from the United States of America. One of her most famous televised roles has been that of Alex Dupre on the hit television series by the name of One Tree Hill. Kramer was born on the 2nd of December in the year of 1983. This 23 years old country musician has a huge fan following. She comes from the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan in the United States of America. She is also well known as Jana Rae which is her birth name. She has been successfully active as a performer since the year of 2002 till the present day. Kramer was briefly married to Johnathon Schaech in the year of 2010 but got divorced after a month of their marriage.

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Jana Kramer has played the character of Noelle Davenport on the hit television series know as Friday Night Lights. She has also successfully played the role of Portia Ranson in the much acclaimed television series by the name of 90210. Kramer has played the role of a union girl who is very much interested in Turtle in the Entourage television series. In the year of 2009, she fruitfully signed on to become a regular character in the super hit television series by CW Network known as One Tree Hill. She played the role of Alex who is an actress and turns out to becoming (the lead character by the name of) Brooke’s fashion lines new face. The fashion line is called “Clothes over Bros”.
In the year of 2011, Jana Kramer lucratively signed a contract with the Warner Bros. Nashville Music Record Company. In February in the year of 2011, Kramer released her hit digital single by the name of “I Won’t Give Up”. This music single of hers was released to as well as to iTunes in February in 2011. Moreover, this single also appeared on one of the episodes of One Tree Hill. The song, “I Won’t Give Up” was positioned on the number 75th spot on the famous Billboard Hot 100 charts. Kramer’s first official single was by the name of “Why Ya Wanna”. This single of hers was released all over the United States of America in late 2011 via radio. Kramer’s debut album is going to be released in the summer of 2012. 
Jana Kramer is one of those multi talented artists in the media industry of the United States of America who are really sought after. Apart from giving some outstanding performances on some really famously successful television series, she has been critically acclaimed for giving some of the finest live on stage performances as a country musician. This phenomenal young artist is truly a blend of amazing beauty, grace, panache and absolutely marveling vocal skills.
Jana Kramer is well known for giving some wonderful live music performances. She has a way of connecting with her audience and creating a fantastic ambience at all of her live music events. The audience at all of her live shows has been exceptionally gripped and totally been captivated by her performances. She really knows how to blow her audiences minds away with her amazing vocal skills and give a tremendously brilliant performance.
Without any reasonable doubt, Jana Kramer is expected to be an intensely successful country musician of recent times. She is much appreciated by masses on the television and also in her live musical performances. Her vocal skills are truly exceptional and memorable.
Jana Kramer will soon be coming to perform in a live music event in a great venue near you. If you are a fan of this highly talented young artist or a fan of country music then this is the best time to avail those cheap Jana Kramer tickets. Kramer is a highly reputed artist in the entertainment industry who is known to give some remarkable live performances. With those Jana Kramer tickets in hand, we give you our word that you will enjoy an unforgettable musical evening with your friends and family.

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