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George Strait has announced his retirement from the road, however, he is returning for some more live performances, on the high demand of his fans. He will be joining Ronnie Dunn, who is equally known for his unfailing energy and passion when it comes to music. The two guitarists, singers and songwriters are going to sweep the audiences off their feet with their dance beats, heartfelt lyrics and energetic presence on stage. In order to attend this upcoming concert, get the George Strait and Ronnie Dunn tickets before they run out.

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About George Strait Ronnie Dunn


George Strait  started his music career while he was serving in the army. His professional career took off in the eighties and then went on to the heights of fame and stardom in the following three decades. Strait has never left the traditional country sound, and it has added to his immense popularity, resulting in him taking away several awards and recognitions, including the record of selling the most boxed sets in the country. Strait also holds the record of most number-one hits on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, as well as most number-one hits on all music charts.


The Grammy award winner artist, George Strait came on the scene and won the hearts of millions. With the release of his first single in 1981, ‘Unwound’, he gained all the public exposure he needed, and then released seven super hit albums, one after the other in the following years. Strait has been thrice named ‘Entertainer of the Year’ by the CMA. In the 2000s, he pocketed several awards along with the title of ‘Artist of the Decade’ by the Academy of Country Music. He was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame during the same time. He has sold more than seventy million albums within only the United States, including 38 gold, 33 platinum and 13 multi-platinum records.


Ronnie Dunn is also a highly talented musician as well as an incredible songwriter. Starting his music career as a solo artist and then becoming part of ‘Brooks & Dunn’, Ronnie again went on to pursue a solo career after the band’s breakup. He released his first solo album in 2001, which was a chart topper and went on to become part of the top ten albums. Last year Dunn also founded the company titled ‘Little Will-E Records’.


Dunn’s passion for music was evident from a very young age. During college, Dunn served at the Avoca Baptist Church as the music and youth minister. In university, while he used to play with a band in the Texas area, Dunn was given a choice to choose between the band and the university. Not surprisingly, Dunn chose to quit university and continued his association with the band. Ronnie Dunn has more than fifteen Grammy nominations to his name. His records have also earned him 24 BMI Million-Airplay Awards, as well as two prestigious awards applauding his songwriting skills. Ronnie is also known to give his fans a great time in his live concerts.


Now these two amazing country music stars are coming together for a live performance. Strait’s latest album was released in May last year, and was yet another hit. Strait is expected to feature songs from this album in his upcoming concert as well. Dunn’s new album is expected to be released in coming April, and he just might be adding some tracks from it to the concert too. These two stars are certain to give their fans an unforgettable concert experience. To be there, get George Strait Ronnie Dunn tickets right away.


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