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Country Music is a genre which holds the heart strings of many a lover of simple and melodious music. And nobody can claim to having a stronger grip on those strings than the great George Glen Jones. The living American legend was born on September 12th in the year 1931. George Jones is as famous for marrying Tammy Wynette as he is for his long and impressive list of records through his music. Now you are in for a treat as he is coming to perform for you yet again as part of his latest tour. Hurry up and secure your seats as we have cheap George Jones tickets for you right here. Book your George Jones tickets and enjoy an incredible evening with your family and friends. In a career spanning over twenty years, George Jones has amassed enough accolades to be labeled as one of the greatest country singer of his generation and even his contemporaries. According to his peers, the level of devotion and concentration that Jones puts in each of his songs is so addictive that the listener cannot help but fall in a trance themselves.

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About George Jones

George Jones is a Texan through and through. Born in Saratoga but raised in Vidor, George grew up in a large family with one brother and five sisters. He recalls that he knew he had to do something in music the day he was seven and his parents brought home a radio. Because that was the day he heard country music playing for the first time. In a couple of years, his parents invested in their sons new found interest and bought him a guitar. Within a short span time, he was so good that he was earning money playing outside in the streets and people just could not get enough of his precocious talent and skills.

By the time he was sixteen years old, George Jones was so confident of his own skills and his ability to earn a decent living off of his music that he left home and went to Jasper, Texas where he found a job singing and playing the guitar on the radio station. When he was 19, he married his first wife Dorothy. But the union lasted less than a year. Being young and full of exuberance made him enlist in the United States Marines during the Korean War. He spent almost all the time stationed in California. It was around this time that his musical journey towards stardom really took off once he got discharged from the army.

Throughout his career, George Jones has been linked with alcoholism. It has ruined some his previous marriages as well as creating problems for his musical career as well. In fact, at times it is difficult to ascertain what he is more known for; his countless relations with women or his drinking days. He has been known to have a temper problems. So much so that sometimes his rage would make him miss concerts, so that he got a moniker as ‘No Show Jones’ for his bailing out on shows at the last moment. However, now that he is with his fourth wife, Nancy, he has been able to stay away from alcohol for ten years now. In that time, Jones has had more than 150 hits, which includes solo efforts as well as duets with other artists.

Another nickname that he has picked up due to his facial features is that of the possum. Lately, in an interview, Jones said that he plans to tour for only 60 dates a year. This is your chance to catch the legend live in action. You will get the rest rates with our cheap George Jones tickets. So do not waste this opportunity and grab your George Jones tickets now.

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