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Born on the twenty seventh of January in the year 1972, Deric Ruttan is a country singer from the area of Bracebridge that is situated in Ontario. It was in the year 2003 that the singer was able to get a contract signed with the Lyric Street Records and that is when his singing career skyrocketed. The very first single that the artist was able to release was in the same year. The name of the single was “When you come around”. Soon after the release of his debut single, the artist came forward with his debut album in the same year that was self-named. Then in the year 2008, the singer released his second album that was called “First Time in a Long Time”. If you are a fan of country music, then you will definitely love what the artist is preparing for his upcoming show, so get your hands on Deric Ruttan tickets without any further delay.

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About Deric Ruttan

Being born in a small town named Bracebridge, Deric decided to move to the music capital, Nashville in the year 1994. Upon his arrival to the city of Nashville, the artist spent most of his time pursuing local musicians in order to learn from them, writing songs and playing music. In the year 1999 Deric started to make his name in the mainstream music industry when his self-recorded records were appreciated by Steve Bogard, the famous producer. The producer decided to sign the artist and started recording a few singles with him. However it wasn’t until the year 2003, when the singer finally got the big break he deserved. Doug Howard, from the Lyric Street Records came across his singles and demos and decided to sign a deal with the artist after which the series of studio albums started releasing. His very first single was able to reach the number one spot of U.S. Charts. His second single that was released was called “What Was I Thinking” that was also able to reach the number one spot. In the next year a single that was released became the most played country song in Canada. The name of the track was “My Way” and it was produced by the famous Aaron Pritchett.
Such fame and prosperity led to the artist winning his very first prestigious award given by the Canadian Country Music Award that he won in the year 2007. The award was given for Songwriter of the Year for his single “Hold My Beer” that was produced with the help of Aaron Pritchett. The second album that was released by the singer was after a long period. In the year 2008, came his second album that was called “First Time in a Long Time”. The album was able to provide four chart topping radio singles which include hits like “Good Time”, “Californication Plates” and “Lovin’ You Is Killing Me”. In the following year, Deric Ruttan was able to bag four nominations in the Canadian Country Music Awards. The categories for which he was nominated include Songwriter, Male Artist, Best Album and Record Producer. The second album that the singer released was through the record label company On Ramp Records, while his third album that came out in the year 2010 was called “Sunshine” and was produced by the Black T Records. He has also released a live album called “Up All Night – Deric Ruttan Live” which was released in the year 2011 through the Black T Records Label Company.
The artist has recorded several songs with the help and collaboration with numerous popular musicians. These include the songs “Lot of Leavin Left to do” and “What Was I Thinkin” that was released with the help of Dierks Bentley. Gary Allan also helped to produce the song that was named “Promise Broken” while Eric Church worked with Deric on two songs that were called “Hell on my Heart” and “Guys like Me”. Furthermore Aaron Pritchett helped produced two songs, “My Way” and “Hold My Beer” that gained massive popularity. If you wish to watch Deric perform at an upcoming concert, all you need to do is purchase Deric Ruttan tickets immediately. 

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