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Denis Chang Quartet tickets offer all jazz fans to come out and experience the thrill of live jazz like never before. Dennis Chang is one of the most inspirational Canadian Jazz guitarists. He has brought a variety of influences from pop to classical into Jazz Manouche, making it an awe- inspiring form. Denis Chang Manouche Quartet brings some of the most brilliant live play of Jazz in concert. The Quartet is lead by Chang with Ben Henriques as its saxophonist, Paul Vandyk as its pianist and Ivan Garzon the rhythm guitarist. Together they play as a high energy grooving group of musicians and instrumentalists. Chang as the front man mainly instructs the Quartet; he has helped create modern day Jazz Manouche. This season the Quartet is on its way to support their most recent studio album Deeper Than You Think. The album is everything that jazz can absorb from genres like pops and rock. Their live concert tour invites all fans to come and watch them play with Denis Chang Quartet tickets.

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About Denis Chang Quartet

Chang was a diehard fan of Taiwanese Django Reinhardt fan since he started playing the guitar. This Montreal based guitarist mended Chang’s vision of recreating Jazz. He blended moods of various genres on his own terms. Influences as deep as Bach and as fresh as Micheal Jackson came into his music. Chopin and George Benson also mentored him to a great extent. He explored and discovered Jazz Manouche and works of influential jazz guitarists of the time; Paulus Schäfer, Emmanuel Kassimo, Fapy Lafertin, Rindo Winterstein, Ritary Gaguenetti all inspired him to create his signature style. This happened mostly in his formative years and then during his early career. While he was in the process of producing tours for top notch guitarists he figured out the kind of music he wanted to play.
Between 2006 and 2009 Chang was able to explore works of Stochelo Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Emmanuel Kassimo, Andreas Oberg, Ritary Gaguenetti, Wawau Adler, Tim Kliphuis and Chriss Campion. All these artists offered their unique sound and influences. While touring with them Chang also ensured that upcoming talent and aspiring artists can also get inspirations. For this he worked with these artists on workshops that allowed these great musicians to share their experiences.
Chang was remarkably talented self taught guitarist. He later began teaching and instructing in a solicited way. His master classes became a permanent part of his tours. He started instructing on tour in the year 2004 and he continues to do it. Gypsy Jazz in general and musicians and artist of this genre has learnt a lot from him. Most of these artist initially came from Quebec, but the value of Chang as a Gypsy guitar instructor went to California and across the borders to UK and even to South Africa. More so, guitarists of bands like Shadows, Hank Marvin and Whistesnake fame have benefited from Chang as an instructor.
Chang’s has been honored by names like Les Paul who have performed with him. He has Quebec’s Entrée en Scène Award and Résidence Award under his belt. Denis Chang Quartet is lucky to have this man in the lead role who has made wonderful music in studios and live on stage. The Quartet performs regularly in Quebec throughout the year and keeps touring to other parts of Canada as well. The Festival international de jazz de Montréal, has always seen them perform some of their best music.
In the 2009-10 season Denis Chang Monouche Quartet toured successfully in Quebec city. They enthralled audiences by their mesmeric music. In March 2010 the quartet delivered a hit tour of Pacific Contact in Vancouver. These musicians toured the next season in British Columbia. Until the 2012 season, they had been playing compositions done by other musicians. Denis Chang Quartet soon decided that their music needed more mystic and flavor. Chang lead the rest of the members in a direction they all wanted. The artist has moved the quartet towards playing his very own compositions. This change was a breath of fresh air; audiences simply loved it and wanted more.
The musical wizardry of maestro Denis Chang and his quartet won over the heart of millions in North America. Denis Chang Quartet became a group of musicians who were dynamic, mystic and very approachable. Chang’s playing speed and influence of European Manouche Gypsies made him and his backing musicians, “masters of Bebop and other forms of jazz”. Cheap Denis Chang Quartet tickets present the fun of Manouche Jazz in a venue near you. Book them in advance to avoid disappointment.

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