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Daniel O’Donnell is an International Pop/Rock singer. He has explored a wide range of genres from country to religious. His style is Celtic, Adult Contemporary, Gospel, Contemporary Gospel, Country-Pop and Celtic. He in an active part of the Irish mainstream music as well as the international music front. He has successfully made music and played it to his fans for over three decades. O’Donnell is truly versatile and talented. To get the real feel of his sound and music experience the artist live this season get hold of your Daniel O’Donnell tickets and witness the live side of one of Ireland’s best celebrated vocalist.

About Daniel Odonnell

O’Donnell hails from Donegal Country in Ireland. He was musically inspired from his early childhood by his sister who was a local rising singer and musician. Other influences that helped him become a singer include names like Andy Williams and Pat Boone. However, the most important incident that brought the artist to music was the death of his father. He quit school and joined his sister’s band full-time to escape from the pain of the loss.
In 1983, the artist self-funded his debut recording session; this effort pushed him to form his own Country Fever. The band played together for a short time before it parted ways. O’Donnell soon performed at the London's Irish Festival to support his debut LP, The Boy from Donegal. This event took him to Ritz Records and his future manager Sean Reilly. Reilly's proved a good luck charm, Daniel’s career took a leap ahead. One after another he came out with albums like I Need You, I Believe, From the Heart, Live Laugh and Love, Thoughts of Home. These albums featured beautiful music and wonderful songs making him a budding superstar of his time.
The most interesting thing about Daniel’s success was that he got literally no media attention or coverage on radio or television. He loved his old-fashioned way of bringing fans to his club by extensive touring across the UK. He had very personalized sessions with fans and followers after concerts where he would give autographs and invite them for tea to his house. Over time, O'Donnell became a mainstream name who could not perform in clubs due to his ever increasing following. He began performing at the top notch halls, outdoor venues and arenas.
He has become an award winning star since he started off. His very first local awards were the RTÉ Guide Favorite Country Artist of the Year, won by him for four consecutive years. He became  IRMA Entertainer of the Year in 1989, 1991 and 1992. The British Country Music Awards International Artist of the Year was bagged by him 1991, 1992 and 1995. He was CMRU Most Popular British Vocalist in 1991 and 1992. In 1997 Daniel won the British Country Music Awards Ambassador Award for Outstanding Services to Country Music. The artist was awarded a place in the Queen's New Year's Honours list in 2001 along with an honorary MBE for his commendable contributions to the world of music. In 2004 he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Irish Post and then again in 2011 by the Sunday World
In 1991 the media was entranced by Donnell’s compilation The Very Best of Daniel O'Donnell. The album topped charts and brought him to perform at BBC television’s Top of the Pops show. The nineties remained shadowed by Daniel’s music who took over the British charts with this series of hit album and singles. O’Donnell became inspired to write an autobiography which further inspired many to listen to his music. To satisfy his fans he released a number of albums which made him even a bigger celebrity. The Jukebox Years (2004) and the Rock and Roll Collection (2005) remain the biggest hits of that time. O' Holy Night: The Christmas Album (2010), Moon Over Ireland (2011) and Songs from the Movies (2012) brought the star back into limelight. His concerts offer a wonderful live experience of his hit music and songs. Cheap Daniel O’ Donnell tickets are also available, purchase them while the stock lasts.