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Carrie Underwood is the name that rose to fame in the fourth season of the talent show, American Idol. She was declared to be future favorite star by judge Simon as she sang Tiffany’s “Could Have Been”. She is a singer in the country music genre, winning several awards including Grammys, American Music, and Billboard Awards. ‘Some Hearts’, her first album was seven times platinum certified and since 2006, it is the most selling debut country record. The album was considered as the ‘Best Country Album’ of 2000. Her second record Carnival Ride, was released in 2007 and has sold more than three million units, and produced hit songs. Her third record, Play On came out in 2009 and was twice certified platinum.

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She released her fourth album in 2012; named Blown Away it also platinum certified and produced hit tracks. As of 2012, Carrie has sold more than twenty five million singles and over fifteen million albums all over the world. She is now touring America and her next stop is Atlantic City. So, grab some Carrie Underwood Atlantic City tickets and witness the great talent and marvelous voice of this young singer. Underwood has produced many number one hits and for that reason, has become ‘The Female Country Artist’ to have most no. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. This emerging star has made her way to success and fame and now it’s time that you get some cheap Carrie Underwood Atlantic City tickets to join her journey as she performs live.

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