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Mastering the art of singing as early as 13, there are very few such multi-talented souls who make a distinguished mark in the industry. Brooke Fraser is one such talent who inspires others like anything. Alluring her way into the hearts of New Zealanders, Brooke made her debut in 2003 with her first album What To Do With Daylight going seven times platinum and selling over 105,000 copies in New Zealand only. The journey did not end at this phase rather it boomed further with a huge fan support and immense applause from all and sundry, thus with an upshot of Albertine --- her second creation. A Rwanda based young child was the inspiration behind this album that swept the hearts of many while achieving the double platinum status within a week. With the third masterpiece on its way, Brooke is gliding smoothly towards the top.

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Brooke’s creativity is her predominant symbol that glitters in her mature and thoughtful songs, yet the vibrancy in lyrics and joyful pop can be sensed as well. It is the same amalgamation of solemn thoughts, glamor and charisma of her personality that she pours in her songs and displays on stage too. Being a down-to-earth artist, her stellar career is sure to shine as the international arena looks up to her talent. Now displaying her vigor in the U.S, do not miss the opportunity to witness her with Brooke Fraser Dallas tickets.  It will be a lifetime experience for music lovers.