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Long gone are the days when country music was associated with either somber looking dudes singing about their lost love or hyper excited gals shrieking their hearts out. Country music has now crossed into the mainstream, with country acts not just being relegated to their respective categories at the Grammies or the AMAs. Now they are taking home the big awards of the night, such as "Album of the Year" in the case of Taylor Swift, or the "Song of the Year" and "Record of the Year" in the case of Lady Antebellum. Brad Paisley and the Band Perry are two of the latest country crooning sensations to have emerged in the nouveau country milieu. The former has 16 singles that have gone #1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, with the latter, though being a fresh inductee into the Nashville club, have accomplished a quartet of top-ten numbers. Rope in some Brad Paisley The Band Perry tickets to behold some the best country produce.

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About Brad Paisley The Band Perry

Born in 1972 in the town of Glen Dale in the state of West Virginia, Brad Paisley was trying to master the strings of his Sears Danelectro Silverstone guitar at an age when most boys are still being all thumbs with the TV remote or in playing with their action figures. By age ten Brad Paisley was already performing in his local church and family functions. Brad wrote and composed his first song, "Born on Christmas Day" while he was still a preteen and then started taking guitar playing lessons from Clarence "Hank" Goddard, forming a band soon after and calling themselves "Brad Paisley and the C-Notes".  After graduating from high school, followed by a two-year stint at West Liberty College, Brad availed a full scholarship to Nashville's Belmont University. With internships at ASCAP and Atlantic Records giving him a taste of glad tidings, Brad was signed on to EMI Publishing after his graduation from Belmont and then landed a record deal with Arista Nashville in the late nineties. He will surely be blasting his pleasing melodies at the Brad Paisley The Band Perry event.
Brad Paisley has charted all of his studio albums in the top-twenty slot on the US Country Albums chart, including six consecutive chart-toppers from his third record onwards. He has even commandeered peak positions in the upper echelons of Billboard 200, having seen all last six of his albums go top-ten and receive seven platinum certifications. He scored early hits with songs from his debut album Who Needs Pictures, including the eponymous single that peaked at the 12th spot on Billboard's Hot Country Songs Chart as well as the chart-topping "He Didn't Have to Be". Yet it will be essentially this country superstar that will be making the audiences go crazy at the Brad Paisley The Band Perry concert. The 2000s saw Brad come out with hit after hit, and reap up awards left, right and center, such as the AMA for "Top Male Vocalist of the Year" six times, including a hat trick in the last three years, a trio of "Male Vocalist of the Year" CMAs a well as one for "Entertainer of the Year" in 2010. Avail some cheap Brad Paisley The Band Perry tickets to be serenaded by this three-time Grammy Award winner.
When they say that it runs in the family, they were probably talking about siblings such as the band members of The Band Perry. In just a matter of four years, brothers Reid And Neil Perry along with their sister Kimberly have achieved prominence not only within their domain of country music within the US but the world over, what with the phenomenal success of singles such as "You Lie" and the chart-topping "All Your Life" and "If I Die Young", the latter having become their signature number. The co-headliner of the Brad Paisley The Band Perry gig were discovered by the great Garth Brooks in the mid 2000s and after paying their dues for five years, released their debut self-titled album through Republic Nashville in 2010. The record went top-ten on both the US Country Chart as well as Billboard 200, eventually being certified platinum. Their family festive sound will abound at the Brad Paisley The Band Perry spectacle.
So if you are thinking what "if I die young" in 2012 in a global catastrophe as being perpetrated by the powers that be, secure some Brad Paisley The Band Perry tickets for some cabbalistic country closure.

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