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Presented by the Bluebird Café and Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory, Bluebird on the Mountain adopts the idea of acoustic live music, as performed at the Bluebird Café, and puts it on the hill top at the Dyer Observatory. The event will be featuring songwriter concerts performed at the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory. These series of outdoor performances will be featuring the hit songs, performed live, by the ones who wrote them. The performance will give the feel of the soulful acoustic sets that are performed at the Bluebird Café.

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About Bluebird On The Mountain

Located in Nashville Tennessee, The Bluebird Café is the hub of live acoustic sets in the surrounding area. The Bluebird Café has the tradition of hosting the performances of the songs by their original songwriters and composers. This is why it features the performances by some of the well known song writers who not only write the songs for themselves but also for other musicians like Taylor Swift. In 1982, the Café was originally opened with the intention of being only a gourmet restaurant that would feature live acoustic performances occasionally. So for those occasional performances, a small stage was set inside the restaurant that would later go on to host the live performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Initially, the Café just started off as a gourmet restaurant, but as the time moved along, it got the attention of more and more musicians and audience members.
As the popularity of the café grew more and more, the number of musicians who performed there, also grew bigger. And sooner than later, those occasional live performances transformed into regular thing in the café in less than a year. Almost after a year later, Bluebird café became a center of attention for all the live performance enthusiasts. This is the reason why Kathy Mattea became the first regular performer from the café who scored her first record deal only by performing live at the café. After Mattea, various other regulars at the bluebird café also managed to land their first major record deals. In 1984, The Bluebird Café also started off its tradition of hosting the Writer’s Night in which various new and upcoming artists came to perform, along with some renowned figures.
This year, Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory and Bluebird Café has taken up new initiative of taking the monthly songwriter concerts out in the nature on the lawn of the Dyer Observatory and making it a new annual event. The event is proudly presented by NISSAN USA, Vanderbilt Heart and Jack Daniels. The event will be featured on Nashville’s tallest hilltops, out in the nature. The event will be presenting the audience members with the taste of what they experience in the Bluebird Café. The event will be featuring the original songwriters, performing their songs in acoustic version. This year will mark the ninth edition of the concert series, and the second year for which NISSAN USA and Jack Daniels have partnered up with the Bluebird Café. Both the sponsors will have their own presence at the event. Audience members will be able to walk around and put their queries forward to the officials of NISSAN USA and also get a taste of new line of products by Jack Daniels as well as their old ones.
To fully enjoy the nature around the hilltops, the attendees are also advised to bring their own blankets, food, chairs and drinks to kick back and relax the events. In addition to the live performances, attendees will also get a chance to see through the telescope at the Dyer Observatory to finally conclude the night. So pack your stuff and get ready to enjoy a great musical night out with your favorite stars and friends and the loved ones. And when it comes to the Bluebird on the Mountain tickets, you can surely rely upon us for cutting you the best available deal.
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