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Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes is one of the hottest events coming your way. This wonderful show will rock your world right in the beginning of 2012. Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes tickets are now available and before the hype of this event leads to the shortage of tickets you must rush to get your hands on some. The ones who want to enjoy this event but do not have the extra money for it can find Cheap Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes tickets. However, to get cheap tickets for this show you will have to act fast!

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About Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes

Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes is basically a fundraiser for The Ark. It is the 35th celebration of this show where you will get a chance to experience music from some of the most renowned music sensations. The ones who are into folk and roots music, in particular, must not miss this event. The Ark is Ann Arbor's non-profit home for folk, roots, and ethnic music. The money raised through this show will go this is body so if you get the tickets you will not only be able to enjoy great music but you will also be positively contributing to the music scene. At Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes you will get to see the popular band Dawes. In addition, DeVotchKa, the gypsy-rockers, will perform at this show. Not only this, you will get a chance to see Ryan Adams as well. Carbon Leaf and a number of other artists will also be seen on the stage at this extravaganza.
Dawes is a popular rock band from the United States. Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith, the 2 brother, formed this band. Wylie Gelber and Tay Strathairn are a part of it also. Dawes gained popularity in the world of music with its debut album called the North Hills. Nothing Is Wrong was another great album that made this band extremely popular. So far, it has released a number of great hits. The band is also well recognized for its great live performances that are absolutely rocking. The ones who have not listened to Dawes so far can get to see them perform live at Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes. Devotchkas is another wonderful band that you will get a chance to listen to at Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes. It is an all girls band from NY. It was formed in 1996. The band’s great works include Annihilation. They will sing their greatest hits at this extravaganza and provide you with some back to back entertainment.

The fans of Ryan Adams must also not miss this great show where he is to appear and rock the lovers of country/rock music fans. Heartbreaker is one of his greatest albums. Ashes & Fire is one of his latest works. You will get a chance to see him perform his best numbers live at Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes. Other than these music sensations, you will also get to listen to Carbon Leaf, the indie rock band from Virginia, at this show. The band has won a number of awards for its great contribution to the music scene. Live concerts by Carbon Leaf are always remarkable and you can expect the same at Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes.

This show is a perfect chance to listen and watch multiple music icons on a single stage. Being a part of this event also means making the best of your money since you can get nonstop entertainment from various artists in the price of a single ticket. If you get Cheap Ann Arbor Folk Fest Dawes tickets you will certainly be able to enjoy this event even better!
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