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Witness the musical brilliance of Alison Krauss and Union Station and give yourself an amazing treat that will surely become one of the most enchanting memories of your life. Alison Krauss and her band called the Union Station are known for their enthralling melodies and passionate vocals. Their concerts always end up being houseful events, so get your Alison Krauss and Union Station tickets before they’re all sold out.

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About Alison Krauss and Union Station

Born on July 23, 1971, Alison Krauss started displaying her musical talents at a very young age. She was five when she started playing the violin; however, she soon shifted to bluegrass and at age ten, she had her own proper band. She attracted attention by winning local contests and was named “the Most Promising Fiddler in the Midwest” by the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass in America. She also met similarly minded people in music festivals, some of whom are now an integral part of the band called the Union Station. Alison Krauss and Union Station came together when she was 12; at that time, the band was called the Silver Rail and John Pennell was the songwriter and the bassist with Krauss as the fiddler.
Before Alison Krauss and Union Station released their first album together, Krauss concentrated on her solo work. Her first work came out as part of the album titled “Different Strokes”, which featured Jim Hoiles, Bruce Weiss, and her brother Victor. Later that year, she signed a formal contract with Rounder Records and was on her way to bring her music to a wider audience. The debut album, “Too Late to Cry,” came out in 1987 when she was just sixteen. She had used Union Station as her backup band on the project, which received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.
Alison Krauss’s contract with the Rounder Records required her to alternate between her solo projects and albums with Union Station. The debut album of Alison Krauss and Union Station, “Two Highways,” came out in 1989 and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Recording. The beautifully composed album was an enchanting mix of traditional tunes that introduced the listeners to the glorious past of country music. Alison Krauss won her first Grammy Award for her solo album “I’ve Got That Old Feeling” with enthralling songs like “Steel Rails.” Fame was welcoming Alison Krauss and the band with open arms, and the second album of Krauss and Union Station,Everytime You Say GoodBye,” got another Grammy Award for best album. Alison Krauss collaborated with other artists to explore other avenues of music while doing her work with the Union Station.
Alison Krauss and Union Station released another Grammy Award winning album in 1997 called “So Long, So Wrong.” The band, along with the lead singer, was instrumental in changing the perception of bluegrass in the country. It brought bluegrass to a larger number of music listeners with its own style and infused it with a breath of fresh air. The songs started becoming an instrumental part of films, TV shows, etc. and bluegrass was allotted a permanent place in the music market. Grammy Award was won once again with the next Union Station release titled “New Favorite,” which was certified Gold within a few months. The album’s single “The Lucky One” also grasped a Grammy Award. Incredible heights of stardom were touched with the live recording of the band’s performance in the Louisville Palace released in 2002 with the title “Live” that reached the double platinum status. “Lonely Runs Both Ways,” released in 2004, was another gold certified album for the gifted band. Then, Alison Krauss became busy with her other collaborations and succeeded tremendously in these ventures. In 2011, Krauss and Union Station released “Paper Airplanes” after a hiatus of almost seven years; the album was considered exquisite by most of the music critics.
Alison Krauss is easily the most awarded living recipient of Grammy Awards; she has been rewarded twenty seven times out of forty one nominations. She along with the band Union Station is simply dynamite for her live listeners. Get your cheap Alison Krauss and Union Station tickets, and reserve a seat for a memorable night listening to your favorite songs in an exhilarating ambience of star power and live music.

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