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Country music has been on the rise for quite a while now, as more and more artists try to make their own unique mark on the industry. In turn, this has led to a rise in competition as only the best of the best are able to thrive in this environment, leaving their contemporaries behind. Not a lot of up and coming musicians have managed to properly make use of these opportunities, however there are some, like A Thousand Horses, that have embraced these rare chances to get ahead.  

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About A Thousand Horses

Just a Spark

A Thousand Horses is one of the newest exciting bands to grace the world of country music. However like most of their idols, they are attempting to do things a little differently. This becomes apparent when you listen to their songs which infuse classic country sounds, with rock and soul. You get the chance to enjoy the traditional country drawl, mixed with elements of new age music to experience a sound that is wholly unique A Thousand Horses. If you want to listen to some of their best songs for yourself, then don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity as they hit the road. Just book A Thousand Horses tickets and enjoy the show, live from the stands at an arena near you.

A Thousand Horses consists of four members, each of who brings something distinctive to the group. Michael Hobby is the lead vocalist for the group and is backed by Bill Satcher on lead guitar. They are joined by Zach Brown who plays the rhythm guitar and Graham DeLoach who plays the bass guitar. They also provide backing vocals as and when required.  

The Smoke Rises

Hobby and Satcher have been friends since back when they lived in Newberry, South Carolina. They met in the only guitar shop in town, and soon struck a friendship that has lasted to this day. Their shared interests and their common music tastes prompted them to start playing together. They were soon joined by DeLoach, who was Satcher’s first cousin. The group practiced as hard as they could and soon realized that they were good enough o play professionally. So they moved to Nashville to realize their dream of getting into the country music industry. Here they were joined by Brown and soon received their first recording contract.  

The Journey Begins

In 2010, the group released their first EP titled “A Thousand Horses,” an album that took only six days to record. It was named after one of their first songs and eventually became the basis for the band’s name as well. The album managed to do alright and was praised for many of its songs. However it did not do enough to convince their record company from retaining their contact. They were dropped and the future suddenly seemed less bright.

A Roaring Fire

You can’t keep talent quiet for long and the band soon bounced back. They acquired a new manager who helped them get another recording contact and they started working on putting things back on track. The result was “Southernality,” their first full length studio album, which came out in 2015. This album did a lot better than their previous one, and managed to get to number three on the US Top Country Albums charts. It also made it to number twenty on the Billboard charts and sold almost twenty thousand copies in its first week.

The debut single from the album, titled “Smoke” became an overnight hit and made it to the top of the US Country Airplay music charts. It also made it to number five on the US Country music charts and into the top fifty of the Billboard charts.

They are now up and running. The plans for a tour have been set in motion too and these young stars will soon travel to different venues around the country. If you want to listen to some of their songs for yourself as well, then book A Thousand Horses tickets. Only then can you enjoy their show, live from the stands. 


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