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A Prairie Home Companion gives a new meaning to live radio entertainment. Apart from being broadcasted live on radio, the show is also performed live in front of the audience members mainly from St. Paul Minnesota’s Fitzgerald Theatre. In addition to its regular shows from Fitzgerald, the show also hits the road and performs in front of live audiences in various cities and venues. This year won’t be any different from the previous one as the show is on the road again, and this time your city of San Diego is listed amongst the cities yet to be visited. The show has been a popular phenomenon, mainly because of its guest musicians and the storytelling session. It’s one thing to listen to it on radio, while it’s something else to be able to see it as well. So when you purchase A Prairie Home Companion San Diego tickets you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth.


The show has been going at large ever since it’s first broadcast on July 6, 1974 except for 1987 and 1988 when the show was put on hold for some time. The show made its comeback as the American Radio Company of the Air in 1989 in New York, and by 1992 the show relocated back to Minnesota once again, and the original name of the show was restored as well. The show has been a fan favorite ever since.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I have 2 a prairie home companion san diego tickets, but they are somehow damaged. Now i am not sure if these tickets would work.

A:To be on the safer side, place another order A Prairie Home Companion Tickets.