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The Wayans Brothers is a sitcom that was initially aired on the WB Network in January 1995 and continued to run until May 1999. It is the first WB show that has been sold to the syndication of Fox, WB and UPN affiliates after having been cancelled by the WB Network in September 1999.  The Wayans Brothers are out on their comedy tour to dazzle the stage with their hilarious standup show.  With silver screen success to their credit, the two favorite and funny family members are ready to headline the show in a city just near you, so get your hands on some Wayans Brothers tickets before it is too late. You will love the way two brothers of entirely different personalities manage to get rid of troubles successfully with the help of their father and girlfriends.  

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About Wayans Brothers

The show mainly sheds light on a family relationship between the father and his sons while revolving around the racial, gender and some ethnic stereotypes at the same time.  The five seasons of the show follow the everyday experiences of two adult brothers Shawn and Marlon who live and work in New York City. The two youngest siblings grew among the other eight kids in NYC. Their mother Elvira was a social worker while the father, Howell ran a grocery store.  The elder brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans was about to receive his engineering degree when in the middle he decided to switch and pursue comedy as his career.
Along with serving scoops of laughter to audience, Wayans Brothers are known for playing their roles in other comedy films. In 1989, the young Hollywood icons landed in the field of acting by starring in the feature film I'm Gonna Get You Sucka directed by the elder brother Keenen Ivory Wayans. In 1990, they starred in the breathtaking and Emmy award winning comical delight, In Living Color that continued to run until 1994.  The production was created by Keenen and Damon Wayans that featured two other siblings, Kim and Damon. Marlon has portrayed his impressive strength of acting by playing a role in G.I. Joe and Requiem for a Dream.
Following the success of Wayans Brothers, they began to co-write, co-produce and appear in the fan favorite comedy Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood in 1996. The youngest brothers of the Wayans family have also co-written and starred in the box office hits like White Chicks and Little Man. Further advancing in their career, they co-wrote and co-produced more smashing comedies like Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 in which they have co-starred as well. The blockbusting productions were directed by the elder brother, Keenen. In August 2006, the bros had written, directed and delivered a series of animated specials called Thugaboo and Boo Crew for Nickelodeon that showcases the hilarious tests and troubles of the nine kids. In 2009, Keenen had co-written another comedy Dance Flick that featured both the talented entertainment stars, Shawn and Marlon.  
When the two brothers are not producing the comedy shows or delivering their performance onstage, they keep themselves busy in nurturing and cooking new ideas until they reach near perfection. On top of this, they stay in touch with the audience demand. These youngest kids of the family work best as a team because they have spent most of their childhood together and therefore understand each other and their family brand better than anyone else. It is safe to say that they understand the rules of the game and know the tricks of bringing a good laugh on your face. Most of all, this bit of laughter is not very expensive; you may grab your share of cheap Wayans Brothers tickets without putting a strain on your wallet.

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