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In historical times, they used to say that all roads lead to Rome. However, the Rhodes in Tom Rhodes case lead to a cornucopia of laughter. Set on the path to a career in stand-up comedy by his own uncle, this Washington native went about cracking folks up everywhere he went not just all across the US but across the Atlantic and in Netherlands where he ruled the comedy scene's roost for three years. Even before he started doing Comedy Central specials and his back-to-back Dutch television stints, Tom was ranting up a storm on MTV in the early nineties and then literally being his usual clownish self on a self-titled show on NBC during the late nineties. This comedy veteran is going to hike your way soon so be ready to honor his comedic presence by getting some Tom Rhodes tickets well in time.

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About Tom Rhodes

Born in a cold start to 1967 in Washington DC, Tom's affair with everything comical started right at the precipice of his teens when his father David Rhodes took him to watch his Uncle Bob go through typical stand-up comedic routines on stage. The elder Rhodes, though being a decorated Vietnam War veteran, enjoyed having a good laugh every now and then and desired that his son share his affinity for standup comedy. The unsuspecting preteen got his first shot of being on stage and the center of comedic attention when his uncle pulled him on stage during his performance and unfolded an impromptu act in which interviewed Tom as he was the Washington Redskins' coach as the latter was wearing a Washington Redskins jacket at the time. After experiencing that he had actually played a part in making the audience members laugh their heads off, Tom became resolute in following in his uncle's jesting footsteps. And by getting some cheap Tom Rhodes tickets, you can find out exactly how successful he was in filling up his uncle's shoes and even spilling out of them.
After he moved to Florida with his family at the onset of his teens, Tom was also considering playing pro baseball after high school, but as the curve balls that life throws your way came to be quite literally true in his case, Tom took filling his notebooks with jokes instead of baseball stats. He drew his inspiration from his dad's comedy album collection that featured the likes of the legendry funnyman Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield. And whilst he was the bane of most of his schoolteacher's existence, Tom found a special mentor and supporter in Mr. Martin who used to teach him Drama and also served as a speech coach. Just before he turned legal, so great was his ardor for performing in front of a proper audience that he obtained a fake ID and after a successful audition at The Funny Farm, which at the time was Orlando's sole comedy club, started giving regular stand-up performances. So why don't you buy Tom Rhodes tickets now to find out what 27 years of consistent comical routines have borne out.
Even before he turned twenty, Tom clinched the bid for the “The Funniest Person in Central Florida” that translated into a gig at LA's Comedy Store. After running into Jay Leno, Tom took the seasoned television host's advice and wormed his way to the Big Apple. During the nineties, Tom made several appearances on shows such as Comic Strip Live and MTV's Comedy Half Hour and became a regular feature at some of the Empire State's most notable clubs such as The Punchline. Following an appearance on Comedy Central's Two Drink Minimum, Tom recorded his first Comedy Central special Viva Vietnam and starred in his own NBC sitcom Mr. Rhodes that paved out for a full season in 1996 and 1997. At the onset of the new millennium, what had initially been intended as a retreat from his excessive New York partying lifestyle lead to a move and a television career in the Netherlands, that transpired as the Kevin Masters Show starring Tom Rhodes as well as the travelogue Yorin Travel.
Ton Rhodes released his debut comedy album How Sweet Ass in 2005 and followed it up with his second Live in Paris the next year. Tom has loosely chronicled his comedic adventures across the world in his DVDs Holy Temple of the HA HA and Rhode Scholar. So book some Tom Rhodes tickets now to see whether you can withstand a barrage of rollicking "tomfoolery"!

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