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The Australian comic musician is now coming to Boston with an interesting series of musical comedy. Tim Michin has been around since 2002 and is known for his distinct music ensemble. He has been performing internationally and has released three CDs & DVDs of his live gigs. His shows have been extremely popular in Australia, UK and USA. He has tried his luck at acting, music and comedy; ultimately creating a mix of all of his talents to come up with something refreshingly new. His theatrical background has helped him in creating amazing gigs in the past.

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Tim Minchin landed himself into the world of showbiz with "Darkside". It was his very first solo album which got noticed for its exceptional piano playing and witty writing. All his songs were created keeping inventive detailing and entertainment in mind. The tracks of this album included Introductory Song, Hello, Inflatable You, Ten Foot Cock And A Few Hundred Virgins, Rock N Roll Nerd, Rich, Mitsubishi Colt, Second Encore, Peace Anthem For Palestine, Angry Feet, Nothing Can Stop Us Now, Canvas Bags, Sick, Dark Side and Not Perfect. His next album release has been “So Rock” followed by “Ready for this?” released in 2009. He has also released live recordings his performances in Manchester Arena and O2. This time he is coming to Boston with his bleak and witty humor. If you are interested in his musical take on the happenings of the world around him, then get Tim Minchin Boston Tickets now!