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The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore is a spectacular tour that will go through some of the greatest American cities and cover much of the US. It is a tour that has as its stars some of the greatest comedians ever seen. The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore has the legendary Sommore as the headliner accompanied by Bruce Bruce, Earthquake, Mark Curry and Tony Rock. Thus, this tour headlined by Sommore and featuring some of the best known names in American standup comedy is bound to be an event whose various shows are a must see for many. Indeed, many have already gotten hold of The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore tickets to get a look live at the amazing events that make up this spectacular comedy tour.

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The headliner of the The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore is Sommore, a comedian labeled as the Queen of Comedy and regarded as the foremost female comedian in the US today. She has single-handedly changed comedy in America and become a comedy icon; not only has she been termed funny, she has also been described as fly, fierce and frank, a combination that makes her one of the most hilarious and dazzling entertainers today. Even Oprah was dazzled by Sommore’s comedy and went on to label her as a ‘force to be reckoned with in the new millennium’. Anyone who can go on and impress the great Oprah is definitely a comedian you need to catch live at any of the shows that make up The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore, a comedy tour easily seen live circa Cheap The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore tickets.
Sommore, the headliner of The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore, hails from Trenton in New Jersey. She is a comedian and an actress who has awed millions of Americans with her breathtaking and hilarious comedy as well as her original routine which is definitely one of a kind. She has been active since 1992 and has clocked well over fifteen years in the world of comedy, a comedy veteran who is still a breath of fresh air even today. She has appeared on many of America's best TV shows including Def Comedy Jam, Comicview, Showtime at the Apollo, and BET Live from LA. She has also appeared on TV sitcoms such as The Parkers and The Hughleys as well as featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She has also appeared on Comedy Central’s Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav and the game show, 1 vs. 100. When it comes to movies, Sommore who is a part of The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore, has starred in Soul Plane, Friday After Next, A Miami Tail and Something New.
The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore with Sommore as its headliner debuted in 2009. Its 2010 edition had night to night shows that were highly successful and had venues being sold out all over the US. This edition also had Sommore as the headliner and featured Bruce Bruce, D.L. Hughley and Don Curry. The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore has also seen acts such as Corey Holcomb and Damon Williams be part of the amazing comedy tour that visits twenty plus cities in America. This is a comedy tour that features the best comedians with the best routines at one place at the same time in different venues all over America; easily the greatest and most anticipated comedy tour in the world of comedy and an event that receives rave reviews regularly. In fact, The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore is unique in that it is the very first large tour of its kind that has a female comedian headlining the tour and is a tour many have already seen and heard live through Cheap The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore tickets.
This amazing comedy tour, The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore with Sommore as its headliner will definitely light up your day with Sommore and her royal court of comedians lightening your spirits and making you laugh endlessly. It is standup comedy at its very best; combining the greatest female comedian in America with the greatest male comedians in America to create an event that is simply unforgettable and something to be seen via The Royal Comedy Tour Sommore tickets.

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