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To make your audience laugh naturally is one of the most difficult tasks as a live performer, but some people seem to do it naturally like Jim Breuer. He can keep you laughing as long as you listen to him on stage. American radio host, actor and standup comedian James E. Breuer, more popularly known as Jim Breuer was born on 21st of June, 1967. He spent his early life at Long Island, New York but later moved to Chester Township, New Jersey where he is settled till date. His career started in 1988 but it wasn’t until 1995 that he won significant fame. His roles in Saturday Night Live (SNL) that continued from 1995 till 1998 became popular and established Jim as a rising star. Some of the popular characters that he played in Saturday Night Live included Goat Boy, the host for MTV’s fictional program “Hey, Remember the 80s?” and his role in Goth Talk skits, in which he played as elder brother of Todd Henderson/Azrael Abyss done by Chris Kattan, named Glen Henderson. Another role that he had done earlier was that in Home Improvement, but it did not win much recognition. Nevertheless, it was followed by a more popular role in a sitcom named Buddies.

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Apart from being a good actor, Jim Breuer has also been successful as a parody artist. A significantly popular impersonation that he used to do was that of Joe Pesci as an associated act with Colin Quinn playing Robert De Niro. A humorous incident associated with this act happened in 1997 when actual actors De Niro and Joe Pesci came to Breuer’s show and surprised him. He also acted as Joe Pesci in the whole Howard Stern Show in August 2010.

Being recognized widely as a comedian, Jim Breuer also appeared on various episodes of Comedy Central and other renowned comedy shows. His first one hour show on Comedy Central was titled Hardcore that aired in 2002 and gained remarkable popularity. In the same year he released ‘Smoke n’ Breu’; a comedy album that set new records for its sales. On VH1 channel, he hosted the program Web Junk 20 for its third season that started in November 2006. Previously, the two seasons were hosted by Patrice Oneal. He also performed in a special show by Comedy Central titled Let’s Clear the Air that was his second one hour show for Comedy Central. The show became so popular that it was ranked as one of the highest rated Comedy Central shows in history. He has also been working on VH1 channel for a program titled When Metallica Ruled the World. The program discussed musical work of one of the most popular heavy metal bands in history named Metallica.

Jim Breuer’s work as a model has also given him remarkable recognition. His appearance in advertisements of an international fast food and pizza chain Pizza Hut, with his catch phrase Jackpot! while promoting the company’s new product, a pizza with its crust filled with cheese, has drawn everyone’s attention. He has also worked on Radio, first as a sit in comedian and presently as a frequent guest, on Opie and Anthony Show. On Sirius Satellite Radio channel named Raw Dog Comedy, his show Breuer Unleashed, that was later renamed as Fridays with Jim Breuer has stayed very popular for last many years. Once on his show as he was singing Judas Priest’s song Devil’s Child, Judas himself entered the studio and accompanied him in the song.

Apart from his showbiz work, he has also been visiting colleges and universities across the nation to promote talent hunt. His 2008 tour named Breuniversity Tour was especially highlighted in news when he visited more than 20 colleges and universities. He has also written a book titled I’m Not High (But I’ve Got a Lot of Crazy Stories about Life as a Goat Boy, a Dad and a Spiritual Warrior). His work remains unparalleled, and Jim Breuer tickets promise an exciting and entertaining evening to anyone who wishes to find out what exceptionally good humor is!

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