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Experience the ultimate thrill of comedy with two talented performers Tom Green and Steve-O. Both of these reputable celebrities entertain massive crowds individually and when performing live, sold out attendance can be expected. Tom Green Biloxi tickets are available for you to attend one of their live shows taking place soon. Tom Green is one of those artists who are blessed with multiple talents. After proving himself as an actor, host and rapper, Green sets to raise the bars in stand-up comedy as well. After performing at various local events and shows, the Canadian artist earned extensive fame and commercial prominence with his very popular “The Tom Green Show”. This mainstream success brought him to movies and since then Green has starred in a number of hit movies like “Charlie’s Angels”, “Freddy Got Fingered” and “Road Trip”.

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Popular by his media name Steve-O, Stephen Gilchrist Glover is a renowned humorist, stunt performer and TV celebrity. Steve-O performed in a variety of shows before he debuted in MTV’s biggest hit “Jackass” in 2000. The show became immensely popular among the viewers and later on, another season was telecasted on MTV in 2002. Since then, the show has been adapted as a movie called “Jackass: The Movie” and various sequences of the original show has also been produced. Steve-O is also a popular touring artist who takes his breathtaking stunts and comedy shows to various destinations around the country. These two performers drop at Biloxi during their latest run of live shows. Make sure you don’t miss out this wonderful show by getting cheap Tom Green Biloxi tickets beforehand.