Do you think you know funny? Well, think again because Ron White will change the meanings of comedy for you. He is the standup comedian from Fritch, Texas performing since 1987. He takes up the style of Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison and George Carlin in his acts to create humor. His comedy is observational and satirical; typically country comedy. He has been nominated twice for the Grammy Awards. His comedy release sold over 10 million copies to become 10X platinum. He has the knack of making everything he does a success; he has written a New York Time Best Seller book titled as "I Had the Right to Remain Silent but I Didn’t Have the Ability".

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Ron White has done a number of comedy show and stand up tours. He has released his CDs and DVDs such as Tater Salad aka Busted in Des Moines, You Can't Fix Stupid, Drunk in Public and Behavioral Problem. He rose to fame with ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’ which continued for six years and featured four comedians including White. Ron White has made several appearances in TV and movies after his ground breaking success. Some of his noticeable performances are for Reno 911!, Kath & Kim and 12 Miles of Bad Road. He also recorded his own show under the name of The Ron White Show and appeared as a judge in The Gong Show with Dave Attell.  He was a part of the Hollywood movie Sex and the City 2.  He is now hitting the road for an amazing tour and you can catch him with your Ron White Nashville tickets.

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