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A person with a Texan accent is automatically assumed to be funny. Heck people have even developed a Texan drawl to be professional funny. So, when you have a comedian such as Rodney Carrington who hails from the "Great State" itself, you have got yourself a surefire comedian for hire. Flag down some cheap Rodney Carrington Zanesville Ohio tickets to dunk yourself in a barrel of laughs.

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Born in 1968, Rodney started building up his professional career from appearances on the radio show The Bob and Tom Show. Rodney released his debut country album Hangin' With Rodney in 1998 via Mercury Nashville and saw it climb to the 73rd spot on the US Country charts. However, it was with Morning Wood two years later that he upped his ante, as he will at the Rodney Carrington Zanesville Ohio performance, what with the record going top-twenty on the US Country chart and earning him a gold certification. 2003's Nut Sack also broke into the top-twenty slot as did 2007's King of the Mountains and 2009's El Niño Loco, the latter two also peaking at the second spot on the US Comedy chart as well as entering the top-100 on Billboard 200.
With his show on ABC that ran for three seasons during the mid 2000s, Rodney's television special "Live at the Majestic" aired on Comedy Central in 2007 and his compilation of Greatest Hits earned him a platinum certification in 2004. Rope in some Rodney Carrington Zanesville Ohio tickets to send your comic senses into a bucking frenzy.

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