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The famed American actor and comedian Robin Williams needs no introduction. This superstar is an institution in his own right. He has enacted amazingly funny roles in many Hollywood movies. He also performs live comedy acts in the club circuit. He is loved for his spontaneous, clean and crisp approach to make people laugh. Williams works with themes as simple as the everyday life and makes it feel super funny with his hilarious comments and jokes. He is also one of the most loved live standup comedians of our times. He is also respected in the entertainment industry for his talent. He is a unique and straightforward comedian who effortlessly makes us smile and feel happy about life.

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About Robin Williams

Coming off from Chicago, Williams was a child who always had something special to narrate. He always narrated in a very special stirring excitement. Soon he realized his potential to make people simle with a joke or a comical gesture. Over the years, he was able to find platforms to perform live for audiences. At the same time, he was studying acting at the Juilliard School in New York City. At the Juilliard, Christopher Reeve met him and introduced him to producers in the entertainment industry. After graduating he explored San Francisco and LA for showcasing his stand-up comedy acts. He became a successful comedian once he began performing in the cities’ comedy club circle.
Moving on from the Comedy clubs, Williams was always trying to find a new and better way of showing his talent. Soon, he got a chance to perform on television. Mork and Mindy was his first show in TV that presented him as an alien named Mork. This role took him to the movies where he was cast in the comical role of Popeye the sailorman in the 1981 movie Popye. This entry brought him forward as one of the finest actor of Hollywood. For over three decades in the industry, he has won credits and awards for great roles in movies like Mrs. Doubt Fire, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting. All of these movies feature William’s most praised work. They have also won him Oscar Awards for performances in various roles.  
While at Grad school, Robin Williams was working on developing is signature style. He exposed himself mainly to improvisational style of stand-up comedy by witnessing live acts. This way he was able to absorb a great deal about improvisation. This exposure also helped him in getting good command over impromptu delivery. He learned about other forms of expression and used them in television and movie roles. No wonder one gets to see a lot of variety and versatility in his work.
Comedy is one side of Robin Williams, drama is another. As an artist he does justice to both. Glancing through his profile, one can hardly find a performance that lacks in anything. Williams is a very strong actor who has played numerous roles in movies. They are memorable as you can hardly forget the persona or the association you have with his character. Be it comedic and dramatic, this artist has done his job every time. From Aladdin’s Genie to hit films like Awakenings (1990) and The Birdcage (1996) Robin Williams showed his finesse as an actor. He was seen in even more dramatic roles when was cast as Dr. Know in Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001), a photographer in One Hour Photo (2002), a case suspect in Insomnia (2002), a radio personality in The Night Listener (2006), the poetical man in the Man of the Year (2006), as Teddy Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) and as man suffering from mid-life crisis in Old Dogs.
The year 2008 brought Williams back to his one man standup comedy. He began touring this year with Weapons of Self-Destruction show running in parallel. Next up Williams focused all his energies on new roles in movies as well as live comedy shows. He regards stand-up comedy as his forte and continues to tour across the United States each year, bringing some great heartwarming live comedy. Robin Williams tickets provide a chance to watch him perform live. To catch him in action, buy a ticket of a show coming near you. Cheap Robin Williams tickets are already on sale. Purchase them before they are gone.

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